GLO DPs-2022

GLO Discussion Papers are research and policy papers of the GLO Network which are widely circulated to encourage discussion. Here GLO DPs published in 2022 are listed.

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Managing Editors: Magdalena Ulceluse; Yasmine Talbi


1034 Climate Change, Cold Waves, Heat Waves, and Mortality: Evidence from a Lower Middle-Income Country Download PDF
by Nguyen, Cuong Viet & Nguyen, Manh-Hung & Nguyen, Toan Truong

1033 Does Parental Absence Harm Children’s Education? Evidence from Vietnam Download PDF
by Nguyen, Cuong Viet & Vu, Linh Hoang

1032 Ownership Effects in Dictator Games: Evidence from an Experimental Study Download PDF
by Nguyen, Cuong Viet & Vu, Linh Hoang

1031 Strangers and Foreigners: Trust and Attitudes toward Citizenship Download PDF
by Bertocchi, Graziella & Dimico, Arcangelo & Tedeschi, Gian Luca

1030 Key Links in Network Interactions: Assessing Route-specific Travel Restrictions in China during the Covid-19 Pandemic Download PDF
by Chen, Xi & Qiu, Yun & Shi, Wei & Yu, Pei

1029 Gender differences in time allocation contribute to differences in developmental outcomes in children and adolescents Download PDF
by Nguyen, Ha Trong & Brinkman, Sally & Le, Huong Thu & Zubrick, Stephen R. & Mitrou, Francis

1028 Economic geography of contagion: A study on Covid-19 outbreak in India Download PDF
by Chakraborty, Tanika & Mukherjee, Anirban

1027 Why do Parents Underinvest in their Children’s Education? Evidence from China Download PDF
by Wang, Jiyuan & Alessie, Rob & Angelini, Viola

1026 The Old-Age Pension Household Replacement Rate in Belgium Download PDF
by Brown, Alessio J.G. & Fraikin, Anne-Lore

1025 Management centrality in sequential bargaining: Implications for strategic delegation, welfare, and stakeholder conflict Download PDF
by Buccella, Domenico & Meccheri, Nicola

1024 Which former professional football players become successful professional head coaches? Download PDF
by Balliauw, Matteo & Verheuge, Marco & Baert, Stijn

1023 Women, Violence and Work: Threat of Sexual Violence and Women’s Decision to Work Download PDF
by Chakraborty, Tanika & Lohawala, Nafisa

1022 Automation and Related Technologies: A Mapping of the New Knowledge Base Download PDF
by Santarelli, Enrico & Staccioli, Jacopo & Vivarelli, Marco

1021 Widowhood and Consumption of Private Assignable Goods: The Role of Socio-Economic Status, Rainfall Shocks and Historical Institutions Download PDF
by Bandyopadhyay, Sutirtha & Maity, Bipasha

1020 Recall Bias Revisited: Measure Farm Labor Using Mixed-Mode Surveys and Multiple Imputation Download PDF
by Dang, Hai-Anh H. & Carletto, Calogero

1019 Targeting Household Deprivations for Multidimensional Poverty Alleviation: An Application to Tunisian Data Download PDF
by Nasri, Khaled & Weslati, Adnen

1018 Getting stuck in the status quo ante: Evidence from the Egyptian Economy Download PDF
by Doruka, Ömer Tuğsal & Pastore, Francesco

1017 The Impact Evaluation of Vietnam’s Escuela Nueva (New School) Program on Students’ Cognitive and Non-cognitive Skills Download PDF
by Dang, Hai-Anh H. & Glewwe, Paul & Lee, Jongwook & Vu, Khoa

1016 Updates on Returns to Education in India: Analysis using PLFS 2018-19 Data Download PDF
by Chen, Jie & Kanjilal-Bhaduri, Sanghamitra & Pastore, Francesco

1015 Children and Female Employment in Mongolia Download PDF
by Nikolova, Elena & Polansky, Jakub

1014 Labor-Management Relations in Autocratic Regimes Download PDF
by Cooke, Fang Lee & Wood, Geoffrey

1013 Covid-19 and Working from Home: toward a “new normal”? Download PDF
by Kosteas, Vasilios D. & Renna, Francesco & Scicchitano, Sergio

1012 COVID-19, Gender and Labour Download PDF
by Corsi, Marcella & Ilkkaracan, Ipek

1011 Dead-end jobs or steppingstones? Precarious work in Albania Download PDF
by Drishti, Elvisa & Carmichael, Fiona

1010 Does relative age affect speed and quality of transition from school to work? Download PDF
by Fumarco, Luca & Vandromme, Alessandro & Halewyck, Levi & Moens, Eline & Baert, Stijn

1009 Effects of teaching practices on life satisfaction and test scores: evidence from the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) Download PDF
by Bartolini, Stefano & O’Connor, Kelsey J.

1008 COVID-19 and School Closures Download PDF
by Svaleryd, Helena & Vlachos, Jonas