Economics of Happiness

The Economics of Happiness is a rapidly growing area in economics. Research on the critical economic determinants of happiness such as income, unemployment, and inequality has already initiated important political discussions on how to use happiness on national and global levels. One of the missions of the GLO is to promote happiness research in all areas of economics. The global network will contribute to ongoing discussions on the happiness effects of unemployment, inequality, poverty and migration through international research and policy advise.

Cluster Lead: Milena Nikolova

Milena Nikolova (University of Groningen) is also Editor of the Journal of Population Economics and Section Editor “Happiness” (20 chapters) of the Springer Nature Handbook “Labor, Human Resources and Population Economics”.

2023 activities:

  • First textbook on wellbeing (directly measured) by GLO Fellow Richard Layard Jan-Emmanuel De Neve:
    Wellbeing. Science and Policy. Cambridge University Press. Online publication May 2023, OPEN ACCESS:

2022 activities:

2021 activities:

2020 activities:

  • August, 25-28: Rotterdam, The Netherlands. GLO/EHERO Special Sessions on Well-being at the 18th International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies ISQOLS Annual Conference. Submission deadline: January 15, 2020. MORE INFO.

2019 activities: