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M.M. (Magdalena) Ulceluse, PhD

Managing Editor: Magdalena Ulceluse, University of Groningen
Senior Editors
:  Matloob Piracha, University of Kent; Klaus F. Zimmermann, POP at UNU-MERIT and Maastricht University.

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410 Gender Identity Minorities and workplace legislation in Europe –  Download PDF
Sidiropoulou, Katerina

409 Intergenerational Income Mobility and Income Taxation –  Download PDF
Kurnaz, Musab & Soytas, Mehmet A.

408 The quasi-market of employment services in Italy –  Download PDF
Pastore, Francesco

407 Depression in the House: The Effects of Household Air Pollution from Solid Fuel Use in China –  Download PDF
Liu, Yan & Chen, Xi & Yan, Zhijun

406 Assessing the Legal Value Added of Collective Bargaining Agreements –  Download PDF
Martins, Pedro S. & Saraiva, Joana

405 The Arab Inequality Puzzle: The Role of Income Sources in Egypt and Tunisia –  Download PDF
Krafft, Caroline & Davis, Elizabeth E.

404 Transition, height and well-being –  Download PDF
Adserà, Alicia & Dalla Pozza, Francesca & Guriev, Sergei & Kleine-Rueschkamp, Lukas & Nikolova, Elena 

403 Career or flexible work arrangements? Gender differences in self-employment in a young market economy –  Download PDF
by Buttler, Dominik & Sierminska, Eva

402 Can Women’s Self-Help Groups Contribute to Sustainable Development? Evidence of Capability Changes from Northern India –  Download PDF
by Anand, Paul & Saxena, Swati & Gonzalez, Rolando & Dang, Hai-Anh H.

401 Is the future of work childless? Self-employment and fertility –  Download PDF
by Gonçalves, Judite & Martins, Pedro S.

400 Do Workers Benefit from Resource Booms in Their Home State? Evidence from the Fracking Era –  Download PDF
by Winters, John V. & Cai, Zhengyu & Maguire, Karen & Sengupta, Shruti

399 Delayed graduation and university dropout: A review of theoretical approaches –  Download PDF
by Aina, Carmen & Baici, Eliana & Casalone, Giorgia & Pastore, Francesco

398 Education-occupation mismatch of migrants in the Italian labour market: the effect of social networks –  Download PDF
by Van Wolleghem, Pierre Georges & De Angelis, Marina & Scicchitano, Sergio

397 Testing the employment and skill impact of new technologies: A survey and some methodological issues – Download PDF
by Barbieri, Laura & Mussida, Chiara & Piva, Mariacristina & Vivarelli, Marco

396 Are asylum seekers more likely to work with more inclusive labor market access regulations?  Download PDF
by Slotwinski, Michaela & Stutzer, Alois & Uhlig, Roman

395 Parental Migration, Investment in Children, and Children’s Non-cognitive Development: Evidence from Rural China – Download PDF
by Jiang, Hanchen & Yang, Xi

394 Impact of Early Childcare on Immigrant Children’s Educational Performance – Download PDF
by Corazzini, Luca & Meschi, Elena & Pavese, Caterina

393 The gender wage gap among PhD holders: an empirical examination based on Italian data  Download PDF
by Alfano, Vincenzo & Cicatiello, Lorenzo & Gaeta, Giuseppe Lucio & Pinto, Mauro

392 The Impact of Family Size and Sibling Structure on the Great Mexico-U.S. Migration – Download PDF
by Bratti, Massimiliano & Fiore, Simona & Mendola, Mariapia

391 Turkish University Students’ Self-Perceptions of Aging: An Analysis Over Socio-Economic Dimensions – Download PDF
by Yumurtaci, Aynur & Bagis, Bilal

390 The Impact of Exposure to Missionaries on the English Language Proficiency and Earnings of Immigrants in the USA – Download PDF
by Larsen, Nicholas & Chiswick, Barry R.

389 On the road to integration? Immigrant’s demand for informal (& formal) education – Download PDF
by Coniglio, Nicola D. & Hoxhaj, Rezart & Jayet, Hubert

388 Divorce among European and Mexican Immigrants in the U.S – Download PDF
by Chiswick, Barry R. & Houseworth, Christina A

387 A Simple Solution to the Problem of Independence of Irrelevant Alternatives in Choo and Siow Marriage Market Model  Download PDF
by Gutierrez, Federico H.

386 The diversity of household assets holdings in the United States in 2007 and 2009: Measurement and determinants – Download PDF
by Sierminska, Eva M. & Silber, Jacques

385 The Impact of BMI on Mental Health: Further Evidence from Genetic Markers – Download PDF
by Amin, Vikesh & Flores, Carlos A. & Flores-Lagunes, Alfonso

384 Smartphone Use and Academic Performance: Correlation or Causal Relationship? – Download PDF
by Baert, Stijn & Vujić, Sunčica & Amez, Simon & Claeskens, Matteo & Daman, Thomas & Maeckelberghe, Arno & Omey, Eddy & De Marez, Lieven

383 The long-term effect of migration on economic inequality between EU Member States – Download PDF
by Ulceluse, Magdalena

382 Extreme Temperature and Extreme Violence across Age and Gender: Evidence from Russia  Download PDF
by Popova, Olga & Otrachshenko, Vladimir & Tavares, José

381 Income Inequality and the Size of Government: A Causal Analysis   – Download PDF
by Guzi, Martin & Kahanec, Martin

380 The Yen Exchange Rate and the Hollowing Out of the Japanese Industry  – Download PDF
by Belke, Ansgar & Volz, Ulrich

379 The effectiveness of restrictive immigration policies: the case of transitional arrangements   Download PDF
by Ulceluse, Magdalena & Kahanec, Martin

378 Foreign aid, bilateral asylum immigration and development  – Download PDF
by Murat, Marina

377 Interest Rate Hysteresis in Macroeconomic Investment under Uncertainty  – Download PDF
by Belke, Ansgar & Göcke, Matthias

376 Skill Gap, Mismatch, and the Dynamics of Italian Companies’ Productivity   Download PDF
by Fanti, Lucrezia & Guarascio, Dario & Tubiana, Matteo

375 Migration. Comparing political and cultural visions  – Download PDF
by Bruni, Michele & Catani, Mario

374 Interest Rate Bands of Inaction and Play-Hysteresis in Domestic Investment – Evidence for the Euro Area  – Download PDF
by Belke, Ansgar & Frenzel Baudisch, Coletta & Göcke, Matthias

373 Gender division of household labor: How does culture operate?  Download PDF
by Marcén, Miriam & Morales, Marina

372 Labor market policy and subjective well-being during the Great Recession  Download PDF
by Morgan, Robson & O’Connor, Kelsey J.

371 The Role of Locus of Control in Education, Occupation, Income and Healthy Habits: Evidence from Australian Twins – Download PDF
by Xue, Sen & Kidd, Michael P. & Le, Anh T. & Kirk, Kathy & Martin, Nicholas G.

370 Social Networks and Mental Health Outcomes: Chinese Rural-Urban Migrant Experience – Download PDF
by Meng, Xin & Xue, Sen

369 Beauty and Job Accessibility: New Evidence from a Field Experiment – Download PDF
by Deng, Weiguang & Li, Dayang & Zhou, Dong

368 Employment Protection and Firm-provided Training: Quasi-experimental Evidence from a Labour Market Reform – Download PDF
by Bratti, Massimiliano & Conti, Maurizio & Sulis, Giovanni

367 Reformatory Policies and Factor Prices in a Developing Economy with Informal Sector – Download PDF
by Mandal, Biswajit & Ghosh, Sujata

366 ‘More Children, More Happiness?’: New Evidence from Elderly Parents in China – Download PDF
by Gao, Yanyan & Qu, Zhaopeng

365 The Urgent Need for an Economics of “Hategoatism – Download PDF
by Payson, Steven

364 Hate at first sight? Dynamic aspects of the electoral impact of migration: The case of Ukip – Download PDF
by Levi, Eugenio & Mariani, Rama Dasi & Patriarca, Fabrizio

363 The Gender Pay Gap in the US: A Matching Study – Download PDF
by Meara, Katie & Pastore, Francesco & Webster, Allan

362 Mental Health, Schooling Attainment and Polygenic Scores: Are There Significant Gene-Environment Associations? – Download PDF
by Amin, Vikesh & Behrman, Jere R. & Fletcher, Jason M. & Flores, Carlos A. & Flores-Lagunes, Alfonso & Kohler, Hans-Peter

361 Technological change and occupation mobility: A task-based approach to horizontal mismatch – Download PDF
by Aepli, Manuel

360 Economic Uncertainty and Fertility – Download PDF
by Gözgör, Giray & Bilgin, Mehmet Huseyin & Rangazas, Peter

359 The evolution of tax implicit value judgements, redistribution and income inequality in the UK: 1968 to 2015  Download PDF
by van de Ven, Justin & Hérault, Nicolas

358 Birth Weight and Cognitive Development during Childhood: Evidence from India – Download PDF
by Kumar, Santosh & Kumar, Kaushalendra & Laxminarayan, Ramanan & Nandi, Arindam

357 Do Private Household Transfers to the Elderly Respond to Public Pension Benefits? Evidence from Rural China – Download PDF
by Nikolov, Plamen & Adelman, Alan

356 What do student jobs on graduate CVs signal to employers? – Download PDF
by Van Belle, Eva & Caers, Ralf & Cuypers, Laure & De Couck, Marijke & Neyt, Brecht & Van Borm, Hannah & Baert, Stijn

355 Technology and employment in a vertically connected economy: a model and an empirical test – Download PDF
by Dosi, G. & Piva, M. & Virgillito, M. E. & Vivarelli, M.

354 Will You Marry Me … if Our Children Are Healthy? The Impact of Maternal Age and the Associated Risk of Having a Child with Health Problems on Family Structure – Download PDF
by Gutierrez, Federico H.

353 The Effect of 9/11 on Immigrants’ Ethnic Identity and Employment: Evidence from Germany Download PDF
by Delaporte, Isaure

352 The effect of immigration on natives’ well-being in the European Union  Download PDF
by O’Connor, Kelsey J.

351 Who is in favor of immigration  Download PDF
by Epstein, Gil S. & Katav-Herz, Shirit

350 The Immigrant-Native Wage Gap in Germany Revisited Download PDF
by Ingwersen, Kai & Thomsen, Stephan L.

349 Childcare and Maternal Employment: Evidence from Vietnam Download PDF
by Dang, Hai-Anh H. & Hiraga, Masako & Nguyen, Cuong Viet

348 Employment Effects of Offshore Oil and Gas Regulations Download PDF
by Payson, Steven & Sloboda, Brian W.

347 Works Councils and Organizational Gender Policies in Germany Download PDF
by Jirjahn, Uwe & Mohrenweiser, Jens

346 The Effect of Education on Health: Evidence from the 1997 Compulsory Schooling Reform in Turkey Download PDF
by Baltagi, Badi H. & Flores-Lagunes, Alfonso & Karatas, Haci M.

345 Ethnic Identity and the Employment Outcomes of Immigrants: Evidence from France Download PDF
by Delaporte, Isaure

344 Stalin and the origins of mistrust Download PDF
by Nikolova, Milena & Popova, Olga & Otrachshenko, Vladimir

343 Intergenerational Mobility: An Assessment for Latin American Countries  Download PDF
by Doruk, Ömer Tuğsal & Yavuz, Hasan Bilgehan & Pastore, Francesco

342 The impact of Brexit on International Students’ Return Intentions Download PDF
by Falkingham, Jane & Giulietti, Corrado & Wahba, Jackline & Wang, Chuhong

341 Labour mobility and interprovincial trade in Canada Download PDF
by Aziz, Nusrate & Mahar, Gerry

340 Should I stay or should I go? Migration and job-skills mismatch among Italian doctoral recipients  Download PDF
by Alfano, Vincenzo & D’Uva, Marcella & De Simone, Elina & Gaeta, Giuseppe Lucio

339 Monopsony Power and Guest Worker Programs  Download PDF
by Gibbons, Eric M. & Greenman, Allie & Norlander, Peter & Sørensen, Todd

338 Personality Traits and Performance in Online Labour Markets Download PDF
by Mourelatos, Evangelos & Giannakopoulos, Nicholas & Tzagarakis, Manolis

337 Out-of-Partnership Births in East and West Germany Download PDF
by Jirjahn, Uwe & Struewing, Cornelia

336 What Is the Value Added by Using Causal Machine Learning Methods in a Welfare Experiment Evaluation? Download PDF
by Strittmatter, Anthony

335 Returns to Investment in Education: The Case of Turkey Download PDF
by Patrinos, Harry Anthony & Psacharopoulos, George & Tansel, Aysit

334 Conflict Exposure and Economic Welfare in Nigeria Download PDF
by Odozi, John Chiwuzulum & Oyelere, Ruth Uwaifo

333 Assessing the impact of off- and on-the-job training on employment outcomes. A counterfactual evaluation of the PIPOL program  Download PDF
by Pastore, Francesco & Pompili, Marco

332 Maternal Health, Children Education and Women Empowerment: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from India Download PDF
by Chatterjee, Somdeep & Poddar, Prashant

331 Exchange rate, remittances and expenditure of foreign-born households: evidence from Australia Download PDF
by Hasan, Syed & Ratna, Nazmun & Shakur, Shamim

330 Walls and Fences: A Journey Through History and Economics  Download PDF
by Vernon, Victoria & Zimmermann, Klaus F.

329 Female genital mutilation and migration in Mali. Do return migrants transfer social norms? Download PDF
by Diabate, Idrissa & Mesplé-Somps, Sandrine

328 Short-Run Health Consequences of Retirement and Pension Benefits: Evidence from China  Download PDF
by Nikolov, Plamen & Adelman, Alan

327 Tracking the Sustainable Development Goals: Emerging Measurement Challenges and Further Reflections Download PDF
by Dang, Hai-Anh H. & Fu, Haishan & Serajuddin, Umar

326 Public Employment Decline in Developing Countries in the 21st Century: The Role of Globalization Download PDF
by Gözgör, Giray & Bilgin, Mehmet Huseyin & Zimmermann, Klaus F.

325 The Nativity Wealth Gap in Europe: a Matching Approach Download PDF
by Ferrari, Irene

324 The Evolution of Factor Shares: Evidence from Switzerland Download PDF
by Baldi, Guido & Pons, Martina

323 Timed to Say Goodbye: Does Unemployment Benefit Eligibility Affect Worker Layoffs?  Download PDF
by Albanese, Andrea & Ghirelli, Corinna & Picchio, Matteo

322 Beyond the Average: Ethnic Capital Heterogeneity and Intergenerational Transmission of Education  Download PDF
by Chakrabortya, Tanika & Schüller, Simone & Zimmermann, Klaus F.

321 The Growing Divergence in U.S. Employee Relations: Individualism, Democracy, and Conflict Download PDF
by Norlander, Peter

320 Innovation, Automation, and Inequality: Policy Challenges in the Race against the Machine Download PDF
by Prettner, Klaus & Strulik, Holger

319 English skills, labour market status and earnings of Turkish women  Download PDF
by Di Paolo, Antonio & Tansel, Aysit

318 Improving Access and Quality in Early Childhood Development Programs: Experimental Evidence from The Gambia Download PDF
by Blimpo, Moussa P. & Carneiro, Pedro & Jervis, Pamela & Pugatch, Todd

317 Motherhood, Migration, and Self-Employment of College Graduates   Download PDF
by  Cai, Zhengyu & Stephens, Heather M. & Winters, John V.

316  Whither the evolution of the contemporary social fabric? New technologies and old socio-economic trends  Download PDF
by  Dosi, Giovanni & Virgillito, Maria Enrica

315 Are there gains to joining a union? Evidence from Mexico  Download PDF
by  Gutiérrez Rufrancos & Héctor Elías

314 Home advantage in European international soccer: Which dimension of distance matters?  Download PDF
by  Van Damme, Nils & Baert, Stijn

313 Twelve eyes see more than eight. Referee bias and the introduction of additional assistant referees in soccer  Download PDF
by  Verstraeten, Olivier & Baert, Stijn

312 Works Councils and Workplace Health Promotion in Germany  Download PDF
by Jirjahn, Uwe & Mohrenweiser, Jens & Smith, Stephen C.

311  Does Society Influence the Gender Gap in Risk Attitudes? Evidence from East and West Germany Download PDF
by Chadi, Cornelia & Jirjahn, Uwe

310 Immigration and unemployment in Europe: does the core-periphery dualism matter?  – Download PDF
by Esposito, Piero & Collignon, Stefan & Scicchitano, Sergio

309 International Migration as Driver of Political and Social Change: Evidence from Morocco – Download PDF
by Tuccio, Michele & Wahba, Jackline & Hamdouch, Bachir

308 Technological Unemployment Revisited: Automation in a Search and Matching Framework  Download PDF
by Cords, Dario & Prettner, Klaus

307 Gender, culture and STEM: Counter-intuitive patterns in Arab society Download PDF
by Friedman-Sokuler, Naomi & Justman, Moshe

306 Time preferences and political regimes: Evidence from reunified Germany Download PDF
by Friehe, Tim & Pannenberg, Markus

305 The Deterrent Effect of an Anti-Minaret Vote on Foreigners’ Location Choices Download PDF
by Slotwinski, Michaela & Stutzer, Alois

304 Tropical Storms and Mortality under Climate Change Download PDF
by Pugatch, Todd

303 The Post-Crisis Phillips Curve: A New Empirical Relationship between Wage and Inflation   – Download PDF
by Voinea, Liviu

302 Marshallian vs Jacobs effects: which one is stronger? Evidence for Russia unemployment dynamics  – Download PDF
by Demidova, Olga & Kolyagina, Alena & Pastore, Francesco

301 The World at the Crossroad. Demographic Polarization and Mass Migration. Global threat or global opportunity  – Download PDF
by Bruni, Michele

300 The Belt and Road Initiative. Demographic trends, labour markets and welfare systems of member countries  – Download PDF
by Bruni, Michele

299  The unprotecting effects of employment protection: the impact of the 2001 labor reform in Peru  – Download PDF
by Jaramillo, Miguel

298  Measuring the Statistical Capacity of Nations  – Download PDF
by Cameron, Grant J. & Dang, Hai-Anh H. & Dinc, Mustafa & Foster, James & Lokshin, Michael M.

297  Inequality and Welfare Dynamics in the Russian Federation during 1994-2015   – Download PDF
by Dang, Hai-Anh H. & Lokshin, Michael M. & Abanokova, Kseniya & Bussolo, Maurizio

296  A Beveridge curve decomposition for Austria: what drives the unemployment rate?  – Download PDF
by Christl, Michael

295 Health, Cognition and Work Capacity Beyond the Age of 50   – Download PDF
by Vandenberghe, Vincent

294  Minimum Wages for Domestic Workers: Impact Evaluation of the Indian Experience – Download PDF
by Gudibande, Rohan Ravindra & Jacob, Arun

293  More insecure and less paid? The effect of perceived job insecurity on wage distribution – Download PDF
by Scicchitano, Sergio & Biagetti, Marco & Chirumbolo, Antonio

292 Under Pressure? Assessing the Roles of Skills and Other Personal Resources for Work-Life Strains  – Download PDF
by Blunch, Niels-Hugo & Ribar, David & Western, Mark

291 Taxes, Wage Capitalization and the Ability of States to Redistribute Income – Download PDF
by Giertz, Seth H.  & Ramezani, Rasoul

290 How effective are stock market reforms in emerging market economies? Evidence from a panel VAR model of the Indian Stock Market – Download PDF
by Bhaumik, Sumok Kumar & Chakrabarty, Manisha &  Kutan, Ali M. &  Selarka, Ekta

289 Evaluation of Language Training Programs in Luxembourg using Principal StratificationDownload PDF
by Bia, Michela & Flores-Lagunes, Alfonso & Mercatanti, Andrea

288 Bounds on Average and Quantile Treatment Effects on Duration Outcomes under Censoring, Selection, and NoncomplianceDownload PDF
by Blanco, German & Chen, Xuan & Flores, Carlos A. & Flores-Lagunes, Alfonso

287 Anti-Migration as a Threat to Internationalization? A Review of the Migration-Internationalization LiteratureDownload PDF
by Hatzigeorgiou, Andreas & Lodefalk, Magnus

286 Some unpleasant consequences of testing at lengthDownload PDF
by Brunello, Giorgio & Crema, Angela & Rocco, Lorenzo

285 Does Money Relieve Depression? Evidence from Social Pension Expansions in ChinaDownload PDF
by Chen, Xi & Wang, Tianyu & Busch, Susan H.

284 Media Attention and Choice of Major: Evidence from Anti-Doctor Violence in ChinaDownload PDF
by Bo, Shiyu & Chen, Y. Joy & Song, Yan & Zhou, Sen

283 Elite School Designation and House Prices – Quasi-experimental Evidence from Beijing, ChinaDownload PDF
by Huang, Bin & He, Xiaoyan & Xu, Lei & Zhu, Yu

282 Commuting Patterns, the Spatial Distribution of Jobs and the Gender Pay Gap in the U.S.Download PDF
by Gutierrez, Federico H.

281 The Effect of Self-Employment on Income InequalityDownload PDF
by Schneck, Stefan

280 The Financial Decisions of Immigrant and Native Households: Evidence from ItalyDownload PDF
by Bertocchi, Graziella & Brunetti, Marianna & Zaiceva, Anzelika

279 War and Social AttitudesDownload PDF
by Child, Travers Barclay & Nikolova, Elena

278 Younger and Dissatisfied? Relative Age and Life-satisfaction in AdolescenceDownload PDF
by Fumarco, Luca & Baert, Stijn

277 Relative Age Effect on European Adolescents’ Social NetworkDownload PDF
by Fumarco, Luca & Baert, Stijn

276 Work Hard or Play Hard? Degree Class, Student Leadership and Employment OpportunitiesDownload PDF
by Baert, Stijn & Verhaest, Diete

275 Industrial relations reform, firm-level bargaining and nominal wage floorsDownload PDF
by Giannakopoulosa, Nicholas & Laliotis, Ioannis

274 Labor supply and the business cycle: The “Bandwagon Worker Effect”Download PDF
by Martín Román, Ángel L. & Cuéllar-Martín, Jaime & Moral de Blas, Alfonso

273 Reaching the Top or Falling Behind? The Role of Occupational Segregation in Women’s Chances of Finding a High-Paying Job Over the Life-CycleDownload PDF
by Gutierrez, Federico H.

272 Arrival of Young Talents: The Send-down Movement and Rural Education in ChinaDownload PDF
by Chen, Yi & Fan, Ziying & Gu, Xiaomin & Zhou, Li-An

271 Family Unification, Siblings, and SkillsDownload PDF
by Duleep, Harriet Orcutt & Regets, Mark

270 Inequality of Opportunity in Education: Accounting for the Contributions of Sibs, Schools and Sorting across East AfricaDownload PDF
by Anand, Paul & Behrman, Jere R. & Dang, Hai-Anh H. & Jones, Sam

269 Trade and capital flows: Substitutes or complements? An empirical investigationDownload PDF
by Belke, Ansgar & Domnick, Clemens

268 Son Preference and Human Capital Investment Among China’s Rural-Urban Migrant HouseholdsDownload PDF
by Lin, Carl & Sun, Yan & Xing, Chunbing

267 New Education Models for the Future of Work ForceDownload PDF
by Pastore, Francesco

266 Smog, Cognition and Real-World Decision MakingDownload PDF
by Chen, Xi

265 Drivers of Labor Force Participation in Advanced Economies: Macro and Micro EvidenceDownload PDF
by Grigoli, Francesco & Koczan, Zsoka & Topalova, Petia

264 A Cohort-Based Analysis of Labor Force Participation for Advanced EconomiesDownload PDF
by Grigoli, Francesco & Koczan, Zsoka & Topalova, Petia

263 Low, High and Super Congestion of an Open-Access Resource: Impact under Autarky and Trade, with Aquaculture as IllustrationDownload PDF
by Schiff, Maurice

262 Brain Drain-Induced Brain Gain and the Bhagwati Tax: Are Early and Recent Paradigms Compatible?Download PDF
by Schiff, Maurice

261 Labor Market and Institutional Drivers of Youth Irregular Migration: Evidence from the MENA RegionDownload PDF
by Dibeh, Ghassan & Fakih, Ali & Marrouch, Walid

260 Public versus Private Sector Wage Gap in Egypt: Evidence from Quantile Regression on Panel DataDownload PDF
by Tansel, Aysit & Keskin, Halil Ibrahim & Ozdemir, Zeynel Abidin

259 Does female breadwinning make partnerships less healthy or less stable?Download PDF
by Foster, Gigi & Stratton, Leslie S.

258 Marriage Market Signals and Homeownership for the Never MarriedDownload PDF
by Mundra, Kusum & Uwaifo Oyelere, Ruth

257 Economic impact of STEM immigrant workersDownload PDF
by Baum, Christopher F. & Lööf, Hans & Stephan, Andreas

256 Does Regulation Trade-Off Quality against Inequality? The Case of German Architects and Construction EngineersDownload PDF
by Rostam-Afschar, Davud & Strohmaier, Kristina

255 Natural hazards and internal migration: The role of transient versus permanent shocksDownload PDF
by Pavel, Tanvir & Hasan, Syed & Halim, Nafisa & Mozumder, Pallab

254 Globalization, Structural Change and Innovation in Emerging Economies : The Impact on Employment and SkillsDownload PDF
by Vivarelli, Marco

253 The Impact of Compulsory Schooling on Earnings. Evidence from the 1999 Education Reform in PolandDownload PDF
by Liwiński, Jacek

252 Transitioning towards more equality? Wealth gender differences and the changing role of explanatory factors over timeDownload PDF
by Sierminska, Eva & Piazzalunga, Daniela & Grabka, Markus M.

251 The Wage Premium from Foreign Language SkillsDownload PDF
by Liwiński, Jacek

250 The Wider Benefits of Adult Learning: Work-Related Training and Social CapitalDownload PDF
by Ruhose, Jens & Thomsen, Stephan L. & Weilage, Insa

249 Social Cohesion and Labor MobilityDownload PDF
by Zimmermann, Klaus F.

248 Fertility Transitions in Developing Countries: Convergence, Timing, and CausesDownload PDF
by Papagni, Erasmo

247 Country of Origin, Earnings Convergence, and Human Capital Investment: A New Method for the Analysis of U.S. Immigrant Economic AssimilationDownload PDF
by Duleep, Harriet & Liu, Xingfei & Regets, Mark

246 Who Benefits from Local Oil and Gas Employment? Labor Market Composition in the Oil and Gas Industry in TexasDownload PDF
by Cai, Zhengyu & Maguire, Karen & Winters, John V.

245 The effect of self-employment on health: Instrumental variables analysis of longitudinal social security dataDownload PDF
by Gonçalves, Judite & Martins, Pedro S.

244 The effect of culture on home-ownershipDownload PDF
by Marcén, Miriam & Morales, Marina

243 Is Unemployment on Steroids in Advanced Economies?Download PDF
by Di Bella, Gabriel & Grigoli, Francesco & Ramírez, Francisco

242 Unintended Consequences of China’s New Labor Contract Law on Unemployment and Welfare Loss of the WorkersDownload PDF
by Akee, Randall & Zhao, Liqiu & Zhao, Zhong

241 The labour-augmented K+S model: a laboratory for the analysis of institutional and policy regimesDownload PDF
by Dosi, G. & Pereira, M. C. & Roventini, A. & Virgillito, M. E.

240 Workers’ awareness context in Italian 4.0 factoriesDownload PDF
by Cirillo, Valeria & Rinaldini, Matteo & Staccioli, Jacopo & Virgillito, Maria Enrica

239 From Engineer to Taxi Driver? Language Proficiency and the Occupational Skills of ImmigrantsDownload PDF
by Imai, Susumu & Stacey, Derek & Warman, Casey

238 Returns to higher education subjects and tiers in China – Evidence from the China Family Panel StudiesDownload PDF
by Kang, Lili & Peng, Fei & Zhu, Yu

237 School-age bullying, workplace bullying and job satisfaction: Experiences of LGB people in BritainDownload PDF
by Drydakis, Nick

236 When the market drives you crazy: Stock market returns and fatal car accidentsDownload PDF
by Giulietti, Corrado & Tonin, Mirco & Vlassopoulos, Michael

235 Selling hope? A review of current youth unemployment initiatives in CairoDownload PDF
by Pettit, Harry

234 Defining and Measuring Workforce Development in the United States in a Post-Bipartisan EraDownload PDF
by Holland, Brian

233 Flexible Work Organization and Employer Provided Training: Evidence from German Linked Employer-Employee DataDownload PDF
by Campaner, Annika & Heywood, John S. & Jirjahn, Uwe

232 Social Identity and Perceived Income AdequacyDownload PDF
by Goel, Deepti & Deshpande, Ashwini

231 Drivers of Student Performance: Evidence from Higher Secondary Public Schools in DelhiDownload PDF
by Goel, Deepti & Barooah, Bidisha

230 Reflections on wage-settingDownload PDF
by Zimmermann, Klaus F.

229 Will you marry me? It depends (on the business cycle)Download PDF
by Bellido, Héctor & Marcén, Miriam

228 Immigration and the Health of Older Natives in Western EuropeDownload PDF
by Escarce, José J. & Rocco, Lorenzo

227 The Effects of Political Reservations on Credit Access and Borrowing Composition: New Evidence from IndiaDownload PDF
by Ao, Chon-Kit & Chatterjee, Somdeep

226 Self-Employment Can Be Good for Your HealthDownload PDF
by Nikolova, Milena

225 What Women Want (their men to do): Housework and satisfaction in Australian householdsDownload PDF
by Foster, Gigi & Stratton, Leslie S.

224 My Choice: Female Contraceptive Use Autonomy in BangladeshDownload PDF
by Blunch, Niels-Hugo

223 The Long-Run and Gender-Equalizing Impacts of School Access: Evidence from the First Indochina WarDownload PDF
by Dang, Hai-Anh H. & Hoang, Trung X. & Nguyen, Ha

222 Ageing, the socioeconomic burden, labour market and migration. The Chinese case in an international perspectiveDownload PDF
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221 Gender and climate change: Do female parliamentarians make a difference?Download PDF
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220 Unemployment and Marital Breakdown: The Spanish Case – Download PDF
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219 Self-employment as a stepping stone to better labour market matching: a comparison between immigrants and natives – Download PDF
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218 The Role of Human Capital Resources in East African Economies – Download PDF
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217 The role of conflict in sex discrimination: The case of missing girls – Download PDF
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216 A parsimonious model of longevity, fertility, HIV transmission and development – Download PDF
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215 Immigration and the Reallocation of Work Health Risks – Download PDF
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214 R&D, Embodied Technological Change and Employment: Evidence from Spain – Download PDF
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213 Microsimulation Analysis of Optimal Income Tax Reforms. An Application to New Zealand – Download PDF
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212 Family matters: involuntary parental unemployment during childhood and subjective well-being later in life – Download PDF
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211 Just Like A Woman? New Comparative Evidence on the Gender Income Gap across Eastern Europe and Central Asia – Download PDF
by Blunch, Niels-Hugo

210 National Identity under Economic Integration – Download PDF
by Chiang, Chun-Fang & Liu, Jin-Tan & Wen, Tsai-Wei

209 A nudge to quit? The effect of a change in pension information on annuitization, labor supply and retirement choices among older workers – Download PDF
by Hagen, Johannes & Hallberg, Daniel & Sjögren Lindquist, Gabriella

208 The Last of the Lost Generations? Formal and Non-Formal Education in Ghana during Times of Economic Decline and Recovery – Download PDF
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207 How valid are synthetic panel estimates of poverty dynamics? – Download PDF
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206 Selective immigration policies, occupational licensing, and the quality of migrants’ education-occupation match – Download PDF
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205 Long-Term Relatedness between Countries and International Migrant Selection – Download PDF
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204 The Power of the Government: China’s Family Planning Leading. Group and the Fertility Decline since 1970 – Download PDF
by Chen, Yi & Huang, Yingfei

203 Impact of delivering iron-fortified salt through a school feeding program on child health, education and cognition: Evidence from a randomized controlled trial in rural India – Download PDF
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202 And Thou Shalt Honor: children’s caregiving, work and religion – Download PDF
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201 To Impute or Not to Impute? A Review of Alternative Poverty Estimation Methods in the Context of Unavailable Consumption Data – Download PDF
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200 From Elitist to Sustainable Earnings: Is there a group legitimacy in financial flows? – Download PDF
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199 Hours Worked of the Self-Employed and Agglomeration – Download PDF
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198 A Tale of Two Tracks – Download PDF
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197 Growth Dynamics of Young Small Firms: Evidence from Tunisia – Download PDF
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196 Immigrant Category of Admission and the Earnings of Adults and Children: How far does the Apple Fall? – Download PDF
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195 The Effects of Foreign Aid on Refugee Flows – Download PDF
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194 Will Urban Migrants Formally Insure their Rural Relatives? Family Networks and Rainfall Index Insurance in Burkina Faso – Download PDF
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193 The Impact of Compulsory Education on Employment and Earnings in a Transition Economy – Download PDF
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192 Communism as the Unhappy Coming – Download PDF
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191 Towards a European Full Employment Policy – Download PDF
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190 Residential Satisfaction for a Continuum of Households: Evidence from European Countries – Download PDF
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189 The economics of university dropouts and delayed graduation: a survey – Download PDF
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188 The Optimal Graduated Minimum Wage and Social Welfare – Download PDF
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187 Minority Groups and Success in Election Primaries – Download PDF
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186 Two and a half million Syrian refugees, skill mix and capital intensity – Download PDF
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185 Voting in Hiring Committees: Which “Almost” Rule Is Optimal? – Download PDF
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184 The Long-Lasting Effects of Family and Childhood on Adult Wellbeing: Evidence from British Cohort Data – Download PDF
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183 Evaluating intergenerational persistence of economic preferences: A large scale experiment with families in Bangladesh – Download PDF
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182 Equilibrium Real Interest Rates, Secular Stagnation, and the Financial Cycle: Empirical Evidence for Euro-Area Member Countries – Download PDF
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181 Successful Transition to a Market Economy in Vietnam: An Interpretation from Organizational Ecology Theory – Download PDF
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180 Overeducation wage penalty among Ph.D. holders. An unconditional quantile regression analysis on Italian data – Download PDF
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179 Data Gaps, Data Incomparability, and Data Imputation: A Review of Poverty Measurement Methods for Data-Scarce Environments – Download PDF
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177 Technological catching-up, sales dynamics and employment growth: evidence from China’s manufacturing firms – Download PDF
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176 Economic Pluralism in the Study of Wage Discrimination: A Note – Download PDF
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175 Public Opinion and Immigration: Who Favors Employment Discrimination against Immigrants? – Download PDF
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174 I’m Neither Racist nor Xenophobic, but: Dissecting European Attitudes towards a Ban on Muslims’ Immigration – Download PDF
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173 The Signal of Applying for a Job Under a Vacancy Referral Scheme – Download PDF
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172 Alternatives to Polynomial Trend-Corrected Differences-In-Differences Models – Download PDF
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171 A fuzzy approach to measuring violence against women and its severity – Download PDF
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170 A contribution to the theory of fertility and economic development – Download PDF
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169 Heterogeneous Effects of Credit Constraints on SMEs’ Employment: Evidence from the Great Recession – Download PDF
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168 What if supply-side policies are not enough? The perverse interaction of flexibility and austerity – Download PDF
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167 The Inter-generational Fertility Effect of an Abortion Ban: Understanding the Role of Inherited Wealth and Preferences – Download PDF
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166 A Sharing Model of the Household: Explaining the Deaton-Paxson Paradox and Computing Household Indifference Scales – Download PDF
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165 If not now, when? The timing of childbirth and labour market outcomes – Download PDF
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164 Financial stress and Indigenous Australians – Download PDF
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163 Fertility and Population Policy – Download PDF
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162 Returns to Education and Female Work Force Participation Nexus: Evidence from India – Download PDF
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161 Birth and Employment Transitions of Women in Turkey: Conflicting or Compatible Roles? – Download PDF
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160 Oil price shocks, monetary policy and current account imbalances within a currency union – Download PDF
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159 Do Skewed Sex Ratios Among Children Promote Parental Smoking? Longitudinal Evidence from Rural China – Download PDF
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158 The parental home as labor market insurance for young Greeks during the crisis – Download PDF
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157 Self-employment and Okun’s Law relationship: the Spanish case – Download PDF
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156 Education effects on days hospitalized and days out of work by gender: Evidence from Turkey – Download PDF
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155 Does Class Size Matter for School Tracking Outcomes After Elementary School? Quasi-Experimental Evidence Using Administrative Panel Data from Germany – Download PDF
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154 Beyond technological explanations of employment polarisation in Spain – Download PDF
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153 Wages and employment by skill level in Southern and Eastern Europe during the crisis – Download PDF
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152 Masculine vs Feminine Personality Traits and Women’s Employment Outcomes in Britain: A Field Experiment – Download PDF
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151 Are school-provided skills useful at work? Results of the Wiles test – Download PDF
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150 Does it pay to study abroad? Evidence from Poland – Download PDF
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149 Foreign Ownership and Intra-Firm Union Density in Germany – Download PDF
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148 Modeling the Effects of Grade Retention in High School – Download PDF
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147 Poverty’s Deconstruction: Beyond the Visible – Download PDF
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146 Do emigrants self-select along cultural traits? Evidence from the MENA countries – Download PDF
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145 Wage Differences Between Immigrants and Natives in Austria: The Role of Literacy Skills – Download PDF
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144 Investing in human capital to boost growth! – Download PDF
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143 Taxation, social protection, and governance decentralization – Download PDF
by Epstein, Gil S. & Gang, Ira N.

142 Inequality, Good Governance and Endemic Corruption – Download PDF
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141 The Effect of Ideological Positions on Job Market Interaction – Download PDF
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140 The case for NIT+FT in Europe. An empirical optimal taxation exercise – Download PDF
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139 Constrained vs Unconstrained Labor Supply: The Economics of Dual Job Holding – Download PDF
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138 Do Boys Benefit from Male Teachers in Elementary School? Evidence from Administrative Panel Data – Download PDF
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137 Worker Training and Quality Competition – Download PDF
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133 University Selectivity and the Relative Returns to Higher Education: Evidence from the UK – Download PDF
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132 Nonunion Employee Representation: Theory and the German Experience with Mandated Works Councils – Download PDF
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131 Government Size and Economic Growth in an Endogenous Growth Model with Rent-seeking – Download PDF
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130 Do Migrant Students Affect Local Students’ Academic Achievements in Urban China? – Download PDF
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129 Legal possibilities concerning restructuring of companies in business difficulties – Download PDF
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128 Financing the Future: An Argument for a Parallel Optional Currency – Download PDF
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127 What Drives Spatial Clusters of Entrepreneurship in China? Evidence from Economic Census Data – Download PDF
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126 Education, Governance, and Trade- and Distance-related Technology Diffusion: Accounting for the Latin America-East Asia TFP Gap, and the TFP Impact of South America’s Greater Distance to the North – Download PDF
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123 Long memory in Turkish Unemployment Rates – Download PDF
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122 Product Market Competition and Employer Provided Training in Germany – Download PDF
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117 Up in STEM, Down in Business: Changing College Major Decisions with the Great Recession – Download PDF
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116 Bullied because younger than my mates? The effect of age rank on victimization at school – Download PDF
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115 Why Is Unemployment Duration a Sorting Criterion in Hiring? – Download PDF
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114 Measuring labour differences between natives, non-natives, and natives with an ethnic-minority background – Download PDF
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112 The Nordic model of economic development: shocks, reforms and future prospects – Download PDF
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110 Excluded Generation: The Growing Challenges of Labor Market Insertion for Egyptian Youth – Download PDF
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109 Male Education and Domestic Violence in Turkey: Evidence from a Natural Experiment – Download PDF
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108 Maternal education and childhood immunization in Turkey – Download PDF
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107 Attitudes towards intimate partner violence against women in Latin America – Download PDF
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106 Labour Force Participation and Employment of Humanitarian Migrants: Evidence from the Building a New Life in Australia Longitudinal Data – Download PDF
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105 Can Non-Cognitive Skills Programs Improve Achievement? Quasi-Experimental Evidence from EPIS – Download PDF
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104 Look Who’s Talking: On the Heterogeneous Returns to Foreign Language Use at Work among Natives and Migrants in Europe – Download PDF
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103 Inclusive recruitment? Hiring discrimination against older workers – Download PDF
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102 Economic effects of overtime premium flexibility: Firm- and worker-level evidence from a law reform – Download PDF
by Martins, Pedro S.

101 Should the maximum duration of fixed-term contracts increase in recessions? Evidence from a law reform – Download PDF
by Martins, Pedro S.

100 Labour market institutions in small Pacific island countries: Main guidelines for labour market reforms – Download PDF
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99 Undocumented Youth in Limbo: The Impact of America’s Immigration Enforcement Policy on Juvenile Deportations – Download PDF
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98 Return Migration and Entrepreneurial Success: An Empirical Analysis for Egypt – Download PDF
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97 Work organisation, human capital and innovation strategies: new evidence from firm-level Italian data – Download PDF
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96 Stigma of Sexual Violence and Womens Decision to Work – Download PDF
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95 Arsenic Exposure and School Participation in Cambodia – Download PDF
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94 Immigration Policy and Remittance Behaviour – Download PDF
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93 Going beyond LATE: Bounding Average Treatment Effects of Job Corps Training – Download PDF
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92 Demand and Innovation: Theory and Evidence – Download PDF
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91 Analyzing Wage Differentials by Fields of Study: Evidence from Turkey – Download PDF
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90 Does It Matter How and How Much Politicians are Paid – Download PDF
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89 Returns to Skills or Returns to Tasks? A Comment on Hanushek et. al. (2015) – Download PDF
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88 Duration Dependence as an Unemployment Stigma: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Germany – Download PDF
by Nüß, Patrick

87 Law of One Price, Distance, and Borders – Download PDF
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86 Do Environmental Regulations Effect FDI decisions? The Pollution Haven Hypothesis Revisited – Download PDF
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85 The Relationship between Economic Growth and Democracy: Alternative Representations of Technological Change – Download PDF
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84 The Marital Satisfaction of Differently-Aged Couples – Download PDF
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83 Integration of humanitarian migrants into the host country labour market – Download PDF
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82 Prediction intervals for inflation and unemployment rate in Romania. A Bayesian approach Download PDF
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81 Big Data and Unemployment Analysis Download PDF
by Simionescu, Mihaela & Zimmermann, Klaus F.

80 The Heterogeneous Impact of Pension Income on Elderly Living Arrangements: Evidence from China’s New Rural Pension Scheme Download PDF
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79 North-South Trade, Technology Diffusion and Productivity Growth: Are Small States Different?  Download PDF
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78 Managing the Impact of Climate Change on Migration: Evidence from Mexico – Download PDF
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77 The World’s Oldest Profession? Employment-Age Profiles from the Transactional Sex Market – Download PDF
by Wilson, Nicholas

76 Racial diversity, immigrants and the well-being of residents: Evidence from U.S. countiesDownload PDF
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75 Can HIV alter the quantity-quality switch and delay the fertility transition in Sub-Saharan Africa? – Download PDF
by Gori, Luca & Lupi, Enrico & Manfredi, Piero & Sodini, Mauro

74 Determinants of Novice, Portfolio and Serial Entrepreneurship: An Occupational Choice Approach – Download PDF
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73 Nudging Study Habits: A Field Experiment on Peer Tutoring in Higher Education – Download PDF
by Wilson, Nicholas & Pugatch, Todd

72 Trade, Education, Governance and Distance: Impact on Technology Diffusion and Productivity Growth in Asia and LAC – Download PDF
by Schiff, Maurice & Wang, Yanling

71 Who Are Afraid of Losing Their Jobs to Artificial Intelligence and Robots? Evidence from a Survey – Download PDF
by Morikawa, Masayuki

70 Migration for Development: From Challenges to Opportunities – Download PDF
by Zimmermann, Klaus F.

69 Macroeconomic Determinants of International Migration to the UK  Download PDF
by Forte, Giuseppe & Portes, Jonathan

68 The Influence of Brexit on the Foreign Direct Investment Projects and Inflows in the United Kingdom  Download PDF
by Simionescu, Mihaela

67 Getting it right. Youth employment policy within the EU – Download PDF
by Pastore, Francesco

66 The Impact of Early Marriage on Women’s Employment in the Middle East and North Africa – Download PDF
by Assaad, Ragui. & Krafft, Caroline & Selwaness, Irene

65 Why so slow? The School-to-Work Transition in Italy – Download PDF
by Pastore, Francesco

64 Causes and Consequences of Hysteresis: Aggregate Demand, Productivity and Employment – Download PDF
by Dosi, G. & Pereira, M. C. & Roventini, A. & Virgillito, M. E.

63 Gender wage gap and the role of skills: evidence from PIAAC dataset Download PDF
by Christl, Michael & Köppl-Turyna, Monika

62 Ability Drain: Size, Impact, and Comparison with Brain Drain under Alternative Immigration Policies Download PDF
by Schiff, Maurice

61 Hiring Discrimination: An Overview of (Almost) All Correspondence Experiments Since 2005 – Download PDF
by Baert, Stijn

60 Latinos in the Northeastern United States: Trends and Patterns Download PDF
by Massey, Douglas S. & Constant, Amelie

59 The employment impact of microcredit program participation in Bangladesh: Evidence from a longitudinal household survey Download PDF
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58 Consumer Loan Response to Permanent Labor Income Shocks: Evidence from a Major Minimum Wage Increase Download PDF
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57 The evolution of inequality in Latin America in the 21st century: What are the patterns, drivers and causes?  Download PDF
by Bogliacino, Francesco & Rojas Lozano, Daniel

56 Happiness in the Air: How Does a Dirty Sky Affect Mental Health and Subjective Well-being? – Download PDF
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55 Re-thinking Immigrant Investment Funds  Download PDF
by Gamlen, Alan & Kutarna, Chris & Monk, Ashby

54 Estimating the effects of the minimum wage in a developing country: A density discontinuity design approach Download the PDF
by Jales, Hugo

53 The Impact of Social Pensions on Intergenerational Relationships: Comparative Evidence from China Download the PDF
by Chen, Xi & Eggleston, Karen & Ang, Sun

52 Back to Bentham, Should We? Large-Scale Comparison of Experienced versus Decision Utility Download the PDF
by Akay, Alpaslan & Bargain, Olivier B. & Jara, H. Xavier

51 The Effects of Productivity and Benefits on Unemployment: Breaking the Link – Download the PDF
by Brown, Alessio J. G. & Kohlbrecher, Britta & Merkl, Christian & Snower, Dennis J.

50 Economic vulnerabilities in Italy: A network analysis using similarities in sectoral employment  Download PDF
by Castagna, Alina & Chentouf, Leila & Ernst, Ekkehard

49 Self-Employment Differentials among Foreign-Born STEM and Non-STEM Workers – Download PDF
by Cai, Zhengyu & Winters, John V.

48 The Economic Impact of East-West Migration on the European Union – Download PDF
by Kahanec, Martin & Pytliková, Mariola

47 Performance Pay and Applicant Screening – Download PDF
by Jirjahn, Uwe & Mohrenweiser, Jens

46 Challenged by Migration: Europe’s Options – Download PDF
by Constant, Amelie F. & Zimmermann, Klaus F

45 Firm Size and Union Threat Effects across Genders: Evidence from NLSY79 – Download PDF
by Wunnava, Phanindra V.

44 Returns to Postgraduate Education in Portugal: Holding on to a Higher Ground? – Download PDF
by Almeida, André & Figueiredo, Hugo & Cerejeira, João & Portela, Miguel & Sá, Carla & Teixeira, Pedro

43 The financial support for long-term elderly care and household saving behaviourDownload PDF
by Ohinata, Asako & Picchio, Matteo

42 Policies to expand digital skills for the machine ageDownload PDF
by John P. Martin

41 Bond Yield Spillovers from Major Advanced Economies to Emerging Asia – Download PDF
by Belke, Ansgar & Dubova, Irina & Volz, Ulrich

40 Is the gender pay gap in the US just the result of gender segregation at work?  – Download PDF
by Meara, Katie & Pastore, Francesco & Webster, Allan

39 Fortunado’s, Desperado’s and Clandestino’s in Diaspora Labour Markets: The Circular ‘Homo Mobilis’  – Download PDF
by Kourtit, Karima & Nijkamp, Peter & Gheasi, Masood

38 Business Cycle Synchronization in the EMU: Core vs. Periphery  – Download PDF
by Belke, Ansgar & Domnick, Clemens & Gros, Daniel

37 On the exposure of the BRIC countries to global economic shocks  – Download PDF
by Belke, Ansgar & Dreger, Christian & Dubova, Irina

36 A Teenager in Love: Multidimensional Human Capital and Teenage Pregnancy in Ghana  – Download PDF
by Blunch, Niels-Hugo

35 International Effects of Euro Area versus US Policy Uncertainty: A FAVAR Approach  – Download PDF
by Belke, Ansgar & Osowski, Thomas

34 The Changing Nature of Gender Selection into Employment: Europe over the Great Recession  – Download PDF
by Juan J. Dolado & Garcia-Peñalosa, Cecilia & Tarasonis, Linas

33 How Immigrants Helped EU Labor Markets to Adjust during the Great Recession  – Download PDF
by Kahanec, Martin & Guzi, Martin

32 Smog in Our Brains: Gender Differences in the Impact of Exposure to Air Pollution on Cognitive Performance  – Download PDF
by Chen, Xi & Zhang, Xiaobo & Zhang, Xin

31 Early Cannabis Use and School to Work Transition of Young Men  – Download PDF
by Williams, Jenny & van Ours, Jan C.

30 Novelty, Knowledge Spillovers and Innovation: Evidence from Nobel Laureates  – Download PDF
by Ham, John C. & Weinberg, Bruce A.

29 Who Is Covered and Who Underreports: An Empirical Analysis of Access to Social Insurance on the Egyptian Labor Market  – Download PDF
by Roushdy, Rania & Selwaness, Irène

28 The Arab Spring and the Employability of Youth: Early evidence from Egypt  – Download PDF
by Selwaness, Irene & Roushdy, Rania

27 On the Interaction between Trade Reforms and Labor Market Regulation: Evidence from the MENA Countries’ Labor Markets  – Download PDF
by Selwaness, Irène & Zaki, Chahir

26 Americans’ Responses to Terrorism and Mass-Shooting: Evidence from the American Time Use Survey and Well-Being Module  – Download PDF
by Clark, Andrew & Stancanelli, Elena

25 The Composition Effects of Tax-Based Consolidations on Income Inequality  – Download PDF
by Ciminelli, Gabriele & Ernst, Ekkehard & Giuliodori, Massimo & Merola, Rossana

24 Changes in Bargaining Status and Intra-Plant Wage Dispersion in Germany. Much Ado about Nothing?  – Download PDF
by Addison, John T. & Teixeira, Paulino & Evers, Katalin & Kölling, Arnd

23 Peer Effects in Employment Status: Evidence from Housing Lotteries for Forced Evacuees in Fukushima  – Download PDF
by Kondo, Ayako & Shoji, Masahiro

22 Digitalization at work, Job Tasks and Wages: Cross-Country evidence from PIAAC1 – Download PDF
by De La Rica, Sara & Gortazar, Lucas

21 Missing from the Market: Purdah Norm and Women’s Paid Work Participation in Bangladesh  – Download PDF
by Asadullah, M Niaz & Wahhaj, Zaki

20 The Implicit Costs of Motherhood over the Lifecycle: Cross-Cohort Evidence from Administrative Longitudinal Data  – Download PDF
by Neumeier, Christian & Sørensen, Todd & Webber, Douglas

19 The chips are down: The influence of family on children’s trust formation  – Download PDF
by Giulietti, Corrado & Rettore, Enrico & Tonini, Sara

18 R&D Expenditures and Employment: Evidence from Europe  – Download PDF
by Piva, Mariacristina & Vivarelli, Marco

17 The Impact of Traineeships on the Employment of the Mentally Ill: the Role of Partial Compliance  – Download PDF
by Martini, Alberto & Rettore, Enrico & Barbetta, Gianpaolo

16 Globalization, Technological Change and Skills: Evidence from Ethiopia  – Download PDF
by Haile, Getinet & Srour, Ilina & Vivarelli, Marco

15 Overeducation at a glance. Determinants and wage effects of the educational mismatch based on AlmaLaurea data  – Download PDF
by Caroleo, Floro Ernesto & Pastore, Francesco

14 The Productivity Impact of Business Mobility: International Evidence  – Download PDF
by Piva, Mariacristina & Tani, Massimiliano & Vivarelli, Marco

13 New regional identities in a global world  – Download PDF
by Bailly, Antoine

12 Much ado about nothing? The wage penalty of holding a Ph.D. degree but not a Ph.D. job position  – Download PDF
by Gaeta, Giuseppe Lucio & Lavadera, Giuseppe Lubrano & Pastore, Francesco

11 Vulnerability to Poverty: Tajikistan during and after the Global Financial Crisis – Download PDF
by Gang, Ira N. & Gatskova, Kseniia & Landon-Lane, John & Yun, Myeong-Su

10 Assessing the Distributive Effects of Minimum Wage – Download PDF
by Borraz, Fernando & González Pampillón

9 Does Official Development Assistance Affect Donor’s Export? Case of KoreaDownload PDF
by Noh, Bobae & Heshmati, Almas

8 Estimation of Technical Change and TFP Growth based on Observable Technology ShiftersDownload PDF
by Hashmati, Almas & Rashidghalam, Masoomeh

7 Field-of-Study Homogamy – Download PDF
by Bičáková, Alena & Jurajda, Štěpán

6 Second Chance for High School Dropouts? A Regression Discontinuity Analysis of Postsecondary Educational Returns to the GEDDownload PDF
by Jepsen, Christopher & Mueser, Peter & Troske, Kenneth

5 Sources of the Union Wage Gap: Results from High-Dimensional Fixed Effects Regression ModelsDownload PDF
by Addison, John T. & Portugal, Pedro & Vilares, Hugo

4 On Asymmetric Migration Patterns from Developing Countries – Download PDF
by Acharyya, Rajat & Kar, Saibal

3 Economic Shocks and Crime: Evidence from the Brazilian Trade LiberalizationDownload PDF
by Dix-Carneiro, Rafael & Soares, Rodrigo R. & Ulysse, Gabriel

2 Hiring a Homosexual, Taking a Risk? A Lab Experiment on Employment Discrimination and Risk AversionDownload PDF
by Baert, Stijn

1 Immigrant Fertility in the Midst of Intensified EnforcementDownload PDF
by Amuedo-Dorantes, Catalina & Arenas-Arroy, Esther



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