GLO DPs-2021

GLO Discussion Papers are research and policy papers of the GLO Network which are widely circulated to encourage discussion. Here GLO DPs published in 2021 are listed.

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1007 Birth Order Effects, Parenting Style, and Son Preference Download PDF
by Kim, Jun Hyung & Wang, Shaoda

1006 Do Economic Incentives Promote Physical Activity? Evidence from the London Congestion Charge Download PDF
by Nakamura, Ryota & Albanese, Andrea & Coombes, Emma & Suhrcke, Marc

1005 Changing Patterns of Son Preference and Fertility in Pakistan Download PDF
by Javed, Rashid & Mughal, Mazhar

1004 Effects of Childhood Peers on Personality Skills Download PDF
by Feng, Shuaizhang & Kim, Jun Hyung & Yang, Zhe

1003 Vaccination Policy and Trust Download PDF
by Jelnov, Artyom & Jelnov, Pavel

1002 Role of Professionalism in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Does a Public Health or Medical Background Help? Download PDF
by Li, Xun & Lai, Weizheng & Wan, Qianqian & Chen, Xi

1001 Covid-19 and Technology Download PDF
by Caselli, Mauro & Fracasso, Andrea

1000 Worker Stress and Performance Pay: German Survey Evidence Download PDF
by Baktash, Mehrzad B. & Heywood, John S. & Jirjahn, Uwe

999 When Reality Bites: Local Deaths and Vaccine Take-Up Download PDF
by Giulietti, Corrado & Vlassopoulos, Michael & Zenou, Yves

998 The supply of foreign talent: How skill-biased technology drives the location choice and skills of new immigrants Download PDF
by Beerli, Andreas & Indergand, Ronald & Kunz, Johannes S.

997 Family Social Norms and Child Labor Download PDF
by Herz, Shirit Katav & Epstein, Gil S.

996 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Regional Persistence of High Growth Firms: A ‘Broken Clock’ Critique Download PDF
by Coad, Alex & Srhoj, Stjepan

995 Adams and Eves: The Gender Gap in Economics Majors Download PDF
by Bertocchi, Graziella & Bonacini, Luca & Murat, Marina
Published as: Bertocchi G, Bonacini L, Murat M (2023). Adams and Eves: High School Math and the Gender Gap in Economics Majors, Economic Inquiry, (6)4, 798-817.

994 Job separation and sick leave in the long-term care sector in England Download PDF
by Vadean, Florin & Saloniki, Eirini

993 Being your own boss and bossing others: The moderating effect of managing others on work meaning and autonomy for the self-employed and employees Download PDF
by Nikolova, Milena & Nikolaev, Boris & Boudreaux, Christopher

992 Trade Shocks, Job Insecurity and Individual Health Download PDF
by Piriu, Andreea Alexandra

991 Access to finance employment growth and firm performance of South Asia firms Download PDF
by Bui, Anh Tuan & Pham, Linh Chi & Ta, Thi Khanh Van

990 Financial And Legal Obstacles And Small And Medium Firm Performance: Evidence from Middle Income East Asian Download PDF
by Bui, Anh Tuan & Pham, Linh Chi & Ta, Thi Khanh Van

989 Refugee migration, labor demand, and local employment Download PDF
by Auer, Daniel & Götz, Lilia

988 Redistribution across Europe: How much and to whom? Download PDF
by Hammer, Bernhard & Christl, Michael & De Poli, Silvia

987 Labour-saving automation and occupational exposure: a text-similarity measure Download PDF
by Montobbio, Fabio & Staccioli, Jacopo & Virgillito, Maria Enrica & Vivarelli, Marco

986 How education and GDP drive the COVID-19 vaccination campaign Download PDF
by Ngo, Vu M. & Zimmermann, Klaus F. & Nguyen, Phuc V. & Huynh, Toan L.D. & Nguyen, Huan H.

985 Is raising the school leaving age enough to decrease dropping out? Download PDF
by Adamecz-Völgyi, Anna

984 Fertility, Family Policy, and Labor Supply: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from France Download PDF
by Elmallakh, Nelly

983 Vicious Circle or New Paradigm? Exploring the Impact of Shadow Economy on Labour Market in Latin America and Eurozone Download PDF
by Khorana, Sangeeta & Caram, Santiago & Biagetti, Marco

982 Does Multitasking Affect Students’ Academic Performance? Evidence From a Longitudinal Study Download PDF
by Amez, Simon & Baert, Stijn & Heydencamp, Emily & Wuyts, Joey

981 Unemployment and health: a panel event study Download PDF
by Raftopoulou, Athina & Giannakopoulos, Nicholas

980 The Economics of Being LGBT. A Review: 2015-2020 Download PDF
by Drydakis, Nick

979 Learning the Right Skill: The Returns to Social, Technical and Basic Skills for Middle-Educated Graduates Download PDF
by Cnossen, Femke & Piracha, Matloob & Tchuente, Guy

978 Education and COVID-19 excess mortality Download PDF
by Bello, Piera & Rocco, Lorenzo

977 The Effect of Repeated Lockdowns during the Covid-19 Pandemic on UK Mental Health Outcomes Download PDF
by Lindley, Joanne & Rienzo, Cinzia

976 “Are you in the right job?” Human Capital Mismatch in the UK Download PDF
by Galanakis, Yannis

975 Women in Engineering: The Role of Role Models Download PDF
by Agurto, M. & Bazan, M. & Hari, S. & Sarangi, S

974 Trade Networks, Heroin Markets, and the Labor Market Outcomes of Vietnam Veterans Download PDF
by Lonsky, Jakub & Ruiz, Isabel & Vargas-Silva, Carlos

973 The impact of age-specific minimum wages on youth employment and education: A regression discontinuity analysis Download PDF
by Dayioglu, Meltem & Kucukbayrak, Muserref & Tumen, Semih

972  The state of hiring discrimination: A meta-analysis of (almost) all recent correspondence experiments Download PDF
by Lippens, Louis & Vermeiren, Siel & Baert, Stijn

971 Which Occupations Do Jobseekers and Firms Look For? Evidence from Three Public Employment Services Download PDF
by Martins, Pedro S.

970 Telework and Time Use Download PDF
by Pabilonia, Sabrina Wulff & Vernon, Victoria

969 Labor-management Relations in Emerging Economies and Developing Countries Download PDF
by Horwitz, Frank M. & Cooke, Fang Lee

968 Complementarity in Employee Participation Systems Download PDF
by Burdin, Gabriel & Kato, Takao

967 Redistributive effect and the progressivity of taxes and benefits: evidence for the UK, 1977-2018 Download PDF
by Hérault, Nicolas & Jenkins, Stephen P.

966 Wage Effects of Educational Mismatch According to Workers’ Origin: The Role of Demographics and Firm Characteristics Download PDF
by Jacobs, Valentine & Rycx, François & Volral, Mélanie

965 Weather Shock, Agricultural Productivity and Infant Health: A Tale of Environmental Injustice Download PDF
by Pal, Soumya

964 Does Expanding Access to Cannabis Affect Traffic Crashes? County-Level Evidence from Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Sales in Colorado Download PDF
by Gunadi, Christian

963 Does the geographic clustering of universities promote their scientific research performance? Evidence from China Download PDF
by Chu, Shuai & Wu, Mengfei

962 Measuring welfare, inequality and poverty with ordinal variables Download PDF
by Silber, Jacques & Yalonetzky, Gaston

961 Understanding inequality within households Download PDF
by Almås, Ingvild & Ringdal, Charlotte & Hoem Sjursen, Ingrid

960 [rev.] Mental Health Consequences of Working from Home during the Pandemic Download PDF
Kim, Jun Hyung & Koh, Yu Kyung & Park, Jinseong

960 Mental Health Consequences of Working from Home during the Pandemic Download PDF
by Kim, Jun Hyung & Koh, Yu Kyung & Park, Jinseong

959 Inequality and top incomes Download PDF
by Bartels, Charlotte & Waldenström, Daniel

958 Race against time to save human lives during the COVID-19 with vaccines: Global evidence Download PDF
by Nguyen, Phuc V. & Huynh, Toan L. D. & Ngo, Vu M. & Nguyen, Huan H

957 Optimally Targeting Interventions in Networks during a Pandemic: Theory and Evidence from the Networks of Nursing Homes in the United States Download PDF
by Pongou, Roland & Tchuente, Guy & Tondji, Jean-Baptiste

956 Hiring Discrimination in Labor Markets. An Experimental Study of Mood Regulation Download PDF
by Mourelatos, Evangelos

955 Education Quality, Green Technology, and the Economic Impact of Carbon Pricing Download PDF
by Macdonald, Kevin & Patrinos, Harry Anthony

954 Membership in Employers’ Associations and Collective Bargaining Coverage in Germany Download PDF
by Jirjahn, Uwe

953 Gender Differences in Economics PhD Field Specializations with Correlated Choices Download PDF
by Sierminska, Eva & Oaxaca, Ronald L.

952 COVID-19 and Children’s School Resilience: Evidence from Nigeria Download PDF
by Dessy, Sylvain & Gninafon, Horace & Tiberti, Luca & Tiberti, Marco

951 On the Tragedy of Mass Shooting: the Crime Effects Download PDF
by Gunadi, Christian

950 Climate Shocks, Migration, and Labor Markets: A Gender Analysis from West Africa Download PDF
by Elmallakh, Nelly & Wodon, Quentin

949 Do Refugees with Better Mental Health Better Integrate? Evidence from the Building a New Life in Australia Longitudinal Survey Download PDF
by Dang, Hai-Anh H. & Trinh, Trong-Anh & Verme, Paolo

948 Equivalence scale and income poverty: Two approaches to estimate country-specific scale for the Czech Republic Download PDF
by Mysíková, Martina & Želinský, Tomáš & Jirková, Michaela & Večerník, Jiří

947 The Forest Behind the Tree: Heterogeneity in How US Governor’s Party Affects Black Workers Download PDF
by Tchuente, Guy & Kakeu, Johnson & Francois, John Nana

946 Public procurement and supplier job creation: Insights from auctions Download PDF
by Srhoj, Stjepan & Dragojević, Melko

945 Inequality in Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth: Evidence from a Small Area Estimation Study Download PDF
by Nguyen, Cuong Viet & Nguyen, Khuong Duc & Tran, Tuyen Quang

944 Mind the Gap Download PDF
by Prydz, Espen Beer & Jolliffe, Dean & Serajuddin, Umar

943 Happiness in the Lab: What Can Be Learned about Subjective Well-Being from Experiments? Download PDF
by Ifcher, John & Zarghamee, Homa & Goff, Sandra H.

942 Robots For Economic Development Download PDF
by Calì, Massimiliano & Presidente, Giorgio

941 Institutions, Holdup and Automation Download PDF
by Presidente, Giorgio

940 A contribution to the theory of R&D investments Download PDF
by Buccella, Domenico & Fanti, Luciano & Gori, Luca

939 Leveraging technology to promote women’s health: Evidence from a pilot program Download PDF
by Ahmad, Hamna & Hussain, Sadia & Nazif, Muhammad Ahmed

938 The reassuring effect of firms’ technological innovations on workers’ job insecurity Download PDF
by Caselli, Mauro & Fracasso, Andrea & Marcolin, Arianna & Scicchitano, Sergio

937 Unemployment transitions and the role of minimum wage: from pre-crisis to crisis and recovery Download PDF
by Andriopoulou, Eirini & Karakitsios, Alexandros

936 Social Rejection, Family Acceptance, Economic Recession and Physical and Mental Health of Sexual Minorities Download PDF
by Drydakis, Nick

935 Caste, Courts and Business Download PDF
by Chakraborty, Tanika & Mukherjee, Anirban & Saha, Sarani & Shukla, Divya

934 Labor-Management Relations and Varieties of Capitalism Download PDF
by Schneider, Martin R.

933 Economics of Marriage Bars Download PDF
by Mosca, Irene & Wright, Robert E.

932 The Legacies of the Soviet Influence in the 1950s: China’s 156 Major Industrial Projects Download PDF
by Jin, Zhangfeng

931 Act Early to Prevent Infections and Save Lives: Causal Impact of Diagnostic Efficiency on the COVID-19 Pandemic Download PDF
by Chen, Simiao & Jin, Zhangfeng & Vollmer, Sebastian & Bärnighausen, Till & David E. Bloom

930 Longing for Which Home: Evidence from Global Aspirations to Stay, Return or Migrate Onwards Download PDF
by Bekaert, Els & Constant, Amelie F. & Foubert, Killian & Ruyssen, Ilse

929 The Impact of Body Mass Index on Growth, Schooling, Productivity, and Savings: A Cross-Country Study Download PDF
by Tansel, Aysit & Öztürk, Ceyhan & Erdil, Erkan

928 Robots and Labor Regulation: A Cross-Country/Cross-Industry Analysis Download PDF
by Traverso, Silvio & Vatiero, Massimiliano & Zaninotto, Enrico

927 Double-edged sword: Persistent effects of Communism on life satisfaction Download PDF
by Otrachshenko, Vladimir & Nikolova, Milena & Popova, Olga

926 Perceived income inequality and subjective social status in Europe Download PDF
by Hajdu, Gábor

925 Adverse Working Conditions and Immigrants’ Physical Health and Depression Outcomes. A Longitudinal Study in Greece Download PDF
by Drydakis, Nick

924 Sex workers’ self-reported physical and mental health in Greece. A repeated cross-sectional study in 2009, 2013 and 2019 Download PDF
by Drydakis, Nick

923 The Mid-Life Dip in Well-Being: A Critique Download PDF
by Blanchflower, David G. & Graham, Carol L.

922 The Economics of Walking About and Predicting Unemployment Download PDF
by Blanchflower, David G. & Bryson, Alex

921 The well-being age U-shape effect in Germany is not flat Download PDF
by Blanchflower, David G. & Piper, Alan

920 The Role of the Workplace in Ethnic Wage Differentials Download PDF
by Forth, John & Theodoropoulos, Nikolaos & Bryson, Alex

919 The implications of self-reported body weight and height for measurement error in BMI Download PDF
by Davillas, Apostolos & Jones, Andrew M.

918 Wage Differences According to Workers’ Origin: The Role of Working More Upstream in GVCs Download PDF
by Fays, Valentine & Mahy, Benoît & Rycx, François

917 COVID-19 and (gender) inequality in income: the impact of discretionary policy measures in Austria Download PDF
by Christl, Michael & De Poli, Silvia & Kucsera, Dénes & Lorenz, Hanno

916 The Workforce of Clientelism: The Case of Local Officials in the Party Machine Download PDF
by Shenoy, Ajay & Zimmermann, Laura V.

915 Sexual orientation discrimination in the labor market against gay men Download PDF
by Drydakis, Nick

914 Bottom Incomes and the Measurement of Poverty: A Brief Assessment of the Literature Download PDF
by Ceriani, Lidia & Hlasny, Vladimir & Verme, Paolo

913 How the Past of Outsourcing and Offshoring is the Future of Post-Pandemic Remote Work: A Typology, a Model, and a Review Download PDF
by Erickson, Christopher & Norlander, Peter

912 The Impact of Delay: Evidence from Formal Out-of-Court Restructuring Download PDF
by Srhoj, Stjepan & Kovač, Dejan & Shapiro, Jacob N. & Filer, Randall K.

911 Monopolistic Competition, Optimum Product Diversity, and International Trade – The Role of Factor Endowment and Factor Intensities Download PDF
by Marjit, Sugata & Mandal, Biswajit

910 The Slippery Slope from Pluralistic to Plural Societies Download PDF
by Campigotto, Nicola & Rapallini, Chiara & Rustichini, Aldo

909 Impact of COVID-19 Crisis on Rural Youth: Evidence from a Panel Survey and an Experiment Download PDF
by Chakravorty, Bhaskar & Bhatiya, Apurav Yash & Imbert, Clément & Lohnert, Maximilian & Panda, Poonam & Rathelot, Roland

908 How do women allocate their available time in Europe? Differences with men Download PDF
Gimenez-Nadal, Jose Ignacio & Molina, José Alberto

907 Cultural Norms and Women’s Health: Implications of the Practice of Menstrual Restrictions in Nepal Download PDF
Kumar, Rahul & Maity, Bipasha

906 Does it pay to say “I do”? Marriage bonuses and penalties across the EU Download PDF
Christl, Michael & De Poli, Silvia & Ivaškaitė-Tamošiūnė, Viginta

905 Choose the school, choose the performance. New evidence on the determinants of student performance in eight European countries Download PDF
Bonacini, Luca & Brunetti, Irene & Gallo, Giovanni

904 Data Scarcity and Poverty Measurement Download PDF
Dang, Hai-Anh H. & Lanjouw, Peter F.

903 Getting warmer: fuel poverty, objective and subjective health and well-being Download PDF
Davillas, Apostolos & Burlinson, Andrew & Liu, Hui-Hsuan

902 [rev.] The Big Five Personality Traits and Earnings: A Meta-Analysis Download PDF
Alderotti, Giammarco & Rapallini, Chiara & Traverso, Silvio

902 The Big Five Personality Traits and Earnings: A Meta-Analysis Download PDF
Alderotti, Giammarco & Rapallini, Chiara & Traverso, Silvio

901 Employment Mobility of FDI Workers in Vietnam: New Evidence from Recent Surveys Download PDF
Nguyen, Cuong Viet

900 Social Identity and STEM Choice: Evidence from Higher Secondary Schooling in India Download PDF
Kumar, Anand & Sahoo, Soham

899 Costly Mistakes: Why and When Spelling Errors in Resumes Jeopardise Interview Chances Download PDF
Sterkens, Philippe & Caers, Ralf & De Couck, Marijke & Geamanu, Michael & Van Driessche, Victor & Baert, Stijn

898 Subjective Well-being, Income, and Ethnicity in Slovakia Download PDF
Želinský, Tomáš

897 Retirement and health outcomes in a meta-analytical framework Download PDF
Filomena, Mattia & Picchio, Matteo

896 Temperature, climate change, and fertility Download PDF
Hajdu, Tamás & Hajdu, Gábor

895 Reconciling the opposing economic effects of works councils across databases Download PDF
Mohrenweiser, Jens

894 Rules, preferences and evolution from the family angle Download PDF
Cigno, Alessandro

893 The Long-Term Effect of FIFA World Cup on Gender Gap in Education and Employment: Evidence from Vietnam Download PDF
Nguyen, Cuong Viet & Tran, Anh Ngoc

892 Trends in subjective income poverty rates in the European Union Download PDF
Želinský, Tomáš & Mysíková, Martina & Garner, Thesia I.

891 Do Elections Accelerate the COVID-19 Pandemic? Evidence from a Natural Experiment Download PDF
Ján Palguta & Levínský, René & Škoda, Samuel

890 Poor vs Non-Poor Households in Uruguay: Welfare Differences from Food Price Changes Download PDF
Echeverría, Lucía & Molina, José Alberto

889 Social Mobility and Political Regimes: Intergenerational Mobility in Hungary, 1949-2017 Download PDF
Bukowski, Paweł & Clark, Gregory & Gáspár, Attila & Pető, Rita

888 The Power of Lakshmi: Monetary Incentives for Raising a Girl Download PDF
Forthcoming: Journal of Human Resources
Biswas, Nabaneeta & Cornwell, Christopher & Zimmermann, Laura V.

887 Something in the Pipe: Flint Water Crisis and Health at Birth Download PDF
Wang, Rui & Chen, Xi & Li, Xun

886 The impact of weather on time allocation to physical activity and sleep of child-parent dyads Download PDF
Nguyen, Ha Trong & Christian, Hayley & Le, Huong Thu & Connelly, Luke & Zubrick, Stephen R. & Mitrou, Francis

885 Bye, bye, Hotel Mama, bye, bye good grades? Living in a student room and exam results in tertiary education Download PDF
Amez, Simon & Baert, Stijn

884 The Labor Market Integration of Refugees and other Migrants in Germany Download PDF
Bedaso, Fenet

883 The ugly truth about social welfare payments and households’ subjective well-being Download PDF
Adhikari, Tamanna & Greyling, Talita & Rossouw, Stephanie

882 Retirement, housing mobility, downsizing and neighbourhood quality – A causal investigation Download PDF
Nguyen, Ha Trong & Mitrou, Francis & Zubrick, Stephen R.

881 Financial education for youth: A randomized evaluation in Uruguay Download PDF
Borraz, Fernando & Caro, Ana & Caño-Guiral, Maira & Roa, María José

880 Poverty in Russia: A Bird’s-Eye View of Trends and Dynamics in the Past Quarter of Century Download PDF
Abanokova, Kseniya & Dang, Hai-Anh H.

879 Deteriorated sleep quality does not explain the negative impact of smartphone use on academic performance Download PDF
Amez, Simon & Vujić, Sunčica & Abrath, Margo & Baert, Stijn

878 Can a supranational medicines agency restore trust after vaccine suspensions? The case of Vaxzevria Download PDF
Albanese, Andrea & Fallucchi, Francesco & Verheyden, Bertrand

877 How Collective Bargaining Shapes Poverty: New Evidence for Developed Countries Download PDF
Pineda-Hernández, Kevin & Rycx, François & Volral, Mélanie

876 Deeds or words? The local influence of anti-immigrant parties on foreigners’ flows in Italy Download PDF
Cerqua, Augusto & Zampollo, Federico

875 Local inequalities of the COVID-19 crisis Download PDF
Cerqua, Augusto & Letta, Marco

874 Does Paid Family Leave Save Infant Lives? Evidence from United States Download PDF
Chen, Feng

873 Labour Standards Download PDF
Gunderson, Morley

872 Run, graduate, run: Internationally mobile students’ reactions to changing political landscapes in Europe Download PDF
Weisser, Reinhard A.

871 Why Making Promotion After a Burnout Is Like Boiling the Ocean Download PDF
Sterkens, Philippe & Baert, Stijn & Rooman, Claudia & Derous, Eva

870 The More the Gloomier: development of informal employment and its effect on wages in Turkey Download PDF
Duman, Anil & Duman, Alper

869 Domestic Violence and Gender Stereotypes: Perceptions, Justifications, and Reactions Download PDF
Barili, Emilia & Grembi, Veronica & Rosso, Anna C.

868 The impact of University reopenings on COVID-19 cases in Scotland Download PDF
Rufrancos, Héctor & Moro, Mirko & Moore, Eva

867 Communication Barriers and Infant Health: Intergenerational Effects of Randomly Allocating Refugees Across Language Regions Download PDF
Auer, Daniel & Kunz, Johannes S.

866 A Political Economy and Voicing Model of the Institutional Impact of Brain Drain, Human Capital, Inequality and Country Size Download PDF
Docquier, Frédéric & Schiff, Maurice

865 The Effects of COVID-19 on Employment, Labour Markets and Gender Equality in Central America Download PDF
Webster, Allan & Khorana, Sangeeta & Pastore, Francesco

864 An Ex-Ante Assessment on Poverty and Cash Transfer Benefits in Viet Nam under the Covid-19 Pandemic Download PDF
Giang, Long Thanh & Kikkawa, Aiko & Nguyen, Cuong Viet

863 Even more discouraged? The NEET generation at the age of COVID-19 Download PDF
Aina, Carmen & Brunetti, Irene & Mussida, Chiara & Schicchitano, Sergio

862 Sexual Orientation and Earnings. A Meta-Analysis 2012-2020 Download PDF
Drydakis, Nick

861 Confidence in public institutions is critical in containing the COVID-19 pandemic Download PDF
Adamecz-Völgyi, Anna & Szabó-Morvai, Ágnes

860 More goals, fewer babies? On national teams’ performance and birth rates Download PDF
Fumarco, Luca & Principe, Francesco

859 [pre.] Religiosity, Smoking and Other Risky BehaviorsDownload PDF
Roman, Monica & Zimmermann, Klaus F. & Plopeanu, Aurelian-Petruș
Journal of Economics, Management and Religion (JEMAR), Vol. 2 (2022), 2250001.

859 Religiosity, Smoking and Other Addictive BehaviorsDownload PDF
Roman, Monica & Zimmermann, Klaus F. & Plopeanu, Aurelian-Petruș
Journal of Economics, Management and Religion (JEMAR), Vol. 2 (2022), 2250001.

858 [rev.] Dynamics of returns to vocational education in China: 2010-2017 Download PDF
Chen, Jie & Pastore, Francesco
Published version: Chen, J., Pastore, F. Dynamics of returns to vocational education in China: 2010–2017. Humanit Soc Sci Commun 11, 118 (2024).

858 Does vocational education pay better, or worse, than academic education? Download PDF
Chen, Jie & Pastore, Francesco

857 Coronagraben in Switzerland: Culture and social distancing in times of COVID-19Download PDF
Deopa, Neha & Fortunato, Piergiuseppe

856 Loss aversion in taste-based employee discrimination: Evidence from a choice experiment Download PDF
Lippens, Louis & Baert, Stijn & Derous, Eva

855 Wage Theft, Economic Conditions, and Market Power: The Case of H-1B Workers Download PDF
DeVaro, Jed & Norlander, Peter

854 Immigration and the UK economy after Brexit Download PDF
Portes, Jonathan

853 Willingness to pay for private and public improvements of vulnerable road users’ safety Download PDF
Andersson Järnberg, Linda & Andrén, Daniela & Hultkrantz, Lars & Rutström, E. Elisabet & Vimefall, Elin

852 Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks? New Evidence on the Impact of Tenure on Productivity Download PDF
Gagliardi, Nicola & Grinza, Elena & Rycx, François

851 A Simple Nudge Increases Socioeconomic Diversity in Undergraduate Economics Download PDF
Pugatch, Todd & Schroeder, Elizabeth

850 Macroeconomic Contractions during Impressionable Years and Entrepreneurship in Later Adulthood Download PDF
Sotirakopoulos, Panagiotis & Guven, Cahit & Ulker, Aydogan & Graham, Carol

849 The Significance of Herzberg and Taylor for the Gig Economy of China: Evaluating Gigger Incentives for Meituan and Ele.meDownload PDF
Mukhopadhyay, Boidurjo Rick & Chatwin, Chris R.

848 The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Transformation of Health Policy: A Syndemic PerspectiveDownload PDF
Chen, Xi & Fan, Annie

847 World War II, the Baby Boom and Employment: County Level EvidenceDownload PDF
Brodeur, Abel & Kattan, Lamis

846 On Immigration and Native EntrepreneurshipDownload PDF
Duleep, Harriet & Jaeger, David A. & McHenry, Peter

845 COVID-19, Working from Home and the Potential Reverse Brain Drain Download PDF
Bakalova, Irina & Berlinschi, Ruxanda & Fidrmuc, Jan & Dzyuba, Yuri

844 Socioeconomic Conditions in Childhood and Mental Health Later in Life Download PDF
Angelini, Viola & Mierau, Jochen O. & Viluma, Laura

843 Impacts of COVID-19 on the Self-employed Download PDF
Kalenkoski, Charlene Marie & Pabilonia, Sabrina Wulff

842 Happiness and Migration Download PDF
Hendriks, Martijn & Burger, Martijn J.

841 Are temporary jobs stepping stones or dead ends? A meta-analytical review of the literature Download PDF
Filomena, Mattia & Picchio, Matteo

840 Germany’s Labour Market in Coronavirus Distress – New Challenges to Safeguarding Employment Download PDF
Herzog-Stein, Alexander & Nüß, Patrick & Peede, Lennert & Stein, Ulrike

839 Do International Study Programmes Pay off for Local Students?Download PDF
Wang, Zhiling & Pastore, Francesco & Karreman, Bas & van Oort, Frank

838 Employment Contracts and Stress: Experimental EvidenceDownload PDF
Allan, Julia L. & Andelic, Nicole & Bender, Keith A. & Powell, Daniel & Stoffel, Sandro & Theodossiou, Ioannis

837 Efficiency and Distributional Effects of the Two-Tracked Labor Market Institutions in AlbaniaDownload PDF
Drishti, Elvisa & Kalaj, Ermira Hoxha & Kopliku, Bresena Dema

836 Entry Regulation and Competition: Evidence from Retail and Labor Markets of PharmacistsDownload PDF
Rostam-Afschar, Davud & Unsorg, Maximiliane

835 Effects of Mandatory Military Service on Wages and Other Socioeconomic Outcomes Download PDF
Puhani, Patrick A. & Sterrenberg, Margret K.

834 Assessing gender gaps in employment and earnings in Africa: the case of Eswatini Download PDF
Brixiová Schwidrowski, Zuzana & Imai, Susumu & Kangoye, Thierry & Yameogo, Nadege Desiree

833 Technology, risk and social policy. An empirical investigation Download PDF
Guarascio, Dario & Sacchi, Stefano

832 Sometimes you cannot make it on your own. How household background influences chances of success in Italy Download PDF
Bonacini, Luca & Gallo, Giovanni & Scicchitano, Sergio

831 A year of pandemic: levels, changes and validity of well-being data from Twitter. Evidence from ten countries Download PDF
Sarracino, Francesco & Greyling, Talita & O’Connor , Kelsey & Peroni, Chiara & Rossouw, Stephanie

830 Ancestors, inter-generational transmission of attitudes, and corporate performance: Evidence from the Italian Mass Migration Download PDF
Florio, Erminia & Manfredonia, Stefano

829 Who lost the most? Distributive effects of COVID-19 pandemic Download PDF
Ainaa, Carmen & Brunetti, Irene & Mussida, Chiara & Scicchitano, Sergio

828 What shifts did covid-19 year 2020 bring to the labour market in Europe? Download PDF
Baert, Stijn

827 Variation in labour skills and offshoring across time zones Download PDF
Prasad, Alaka Shree & Mandal, Biswajit

826 What Explains Vietnam’s Exceptional Performance in Education Relative to Other Countries? Analysis of the 2012 and 2015 PISA Data Download PDF
Dang, Hai-Anh & Glewwe, Paul & Vu, Khoa & Lee, Jongwook

825 Neo-humanism and COVID-19: Opportunities for a socially and environmentally sustainable world Download PDF
Sarracino, Francesco & O’Connor, Kelsey J.

824 Perturbed Nuptiality, Delayed Fertility: Childbirth Effects of Covid19 Download PDF
Mughal, Mazhar & Javed, Rashid

823 May AI revolution be labour-friendly? Some micro evidence from the supply side Download PDF
Damioli, G. & Van Roy, V. & Vertesy, D. & Vivarelli, M.

822 Overeducation in Trinidad and Tobago’s Labour Market: A Quantile Regression Approach Download PDF
Doon, Roshnie

821 Platform Work and Economic Insecurity: Evidence from Italian Survey Data Download PDF
Cirillo, Valeria & Guarascio, Dario & Parolin, Zachary

820 How the Earnings Growth of U.S. Immigrants Was Underestimated Download PDF
Duleep, Harriet & Liu, Xingfei & Regets, Mark

819 The Unintended Consequences of Relaxing Birth Quotas: Theory and Evidence Download PDF
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