The global network and virual platform GLO provides data, research, evidence, and best practice and on this basis concrete policy proposals and good information in context for the public at large. Furthermore, it provides vast online services for communication, joint research projects and remote data processing.

At present the GLO

  • posts regular News from the network, register to obtain news messages, see bottom of the News Page,
  • announces events from its network and GLO events,
  • publishes research and policy papers of the GLO network in its GLO Discussion Paper Series,
  • provides Interviews of key actors on pressing issues and a Policy Forum,
  • initiate the publication of special issues of scientific journals,
  • supports a new large scientific Handbook on “Labor, Human Resources and Population Economics”,
  • supports the Journal of Population Economics and a book series “Population Economics”,
  • supports career training and scientific publications with INBAM,
  • in collaboration with PanelWhiz provides free access for the first 3 datasets each year to the PanelWhiz data extraction tool written in Stata for use with stata panel datasets,
  • in collaboration with WageIndicator provides access to global data on wages, income and prices as well as on labor laws and collective agreements.