GLO DPs-2023

GLO Discussion Papers are research and policy papers of the GLO Network which are widely circulated to encourage discussion. Here GLO DPs published in 2023 are listed.

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Managing Editor: Yasmine Talbi


1282 Ethnic spatial dispersion and immigrant identity Download PDF
by Constant, Amelie F. & Schüller, Simone & Zimmermann, Klaus F.

1281 Hypothetical tax-benefit reforms in Hungary: Shifting from tax relief to cash transfers for family support Download PDF
by Agúndez García, Ana & Christl, Michael

1280 Unsafe temperatures, unsafe jobs: The impact of weather conditions on work-related injuries Download PDF
by Filomena, Mattia & Picchio, Matteo

1279 Female Early Marriage and Son Preference in Pakistan Download PDF
by Mughal, Mazhar & Javed, Rashid & Lorey, Thierry

1278 Temperature and Low-stakes Cognitive Performance Download PDF
by Zhang, Xin & Chen, Xi & Zhang, Xiaobo

1277 Workers’ behavior after safety regulations: Impact evaluation of the Spanish Occupational Safety and Health Act Download PDF
by Delgado-Cubillo, Pablo & Martín Román, Ángel L.

1276 Too few women at the top of firms: Foreign ownership, gender segregation and cultural causes Download PDF
by Khorana, Sangeeta & Webster, Allan

1275 British Colonialism and Women Empowerment in India Download PDF
by Nandwani, Bharti & Roychowdhury, Punarjit

1274 The Evolution of Labor Market Disparities between Hispanic and non-Hispanic Men: 1970-2019 Download PDF
by Kospentaris, Ioannis & Stratton, Leslie S.

1273 Does Temporary Employment undermine the Quality of Permanent Jobs? Download PDF
by Pollio, Chiara & Landini, Fabio & Prodi, Elena & Arrighetti, Alessandro

1272 Moving Policies Toward Racial and Ethnic Equality: The Case of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Download PDF
by Flores-Lagunes, Alfonso & Jales, Hugo B. & Liu, Judith & Wilson, Norbert L.

1271 Intergenerational scars: The impact of parental unemployment on individual health later in life Download PDF
by Ubaldi, Michele & Picchio, Matteo

1270 Beauty, Underage Drinking, and Adolescent Risky Behaviours Download PDF
by Green, Colin P. & Wilson, Luke B. & Zhang, Anwen

1269 Marriage versus Cohabitation: How Specialization and Time Use Differ by Relationship Type Download PDF
by Stratton, Leslie S.

1268 A North-South agent based model of segmented labour markets. The role of education and trade asymmetries Download PDF
by Fanti, Lucrezia & Pereira, Marcelo C. & Virgillito, Maria Enrica

1267 Does extreme temperature exposure take a toll on mental health? Evidence from the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study Download PDF
by Chen, Yanran & Sun, Ruochen & Chen, Xi & Qin, Xuezheng

1266 How much financial literacy matters? A simulation of potential influences on inequality levels Download PDF
by Gallo, Giovanni & Sconti, Alessia

1265 Working from home and mental health: Before and during the COVID-19 pandemic Download PDF
by Bilgrami, Anam

1264 Hybrid Mode of Production, Transaction, and Economic Growth: Implication of Digitalization Download PDF
by Mandal, Biswajit & Roy Chakraborty, Labani & Sanyal, Alapan

1263 A parsimonious model of optimal social distancing and vaccination during an outbreak Download PDF
by Gori, Luca & Manfredi, Piero & Marsiglio, Simone & Sodini, Mauro

1262 The Dynamics of Labour Market Polarization in Chile: An Analysis of the Link Between Technical Change and Informality Download PDF
by Delaporte, Isaure & Peña, Werner

1261 (De facto) Historical Ethnic Borders and Land Tenure in Sub-Saharan Africa Download PDF
by Depetris-Chauvin, Emilio & Özak, Ömer

1260 Predicting Poverty with Missing Incomes Download PDF
by Verme, Paolo

1259 Inequality of opportunities and beliefs about economic outcomes in the Western Balkans Download PDF
by Drishti, Elvisa & Mehmetaj, Nevila & Imami, Drini & Zhllima, Edvin

1258 State Taxation of Nonresident Income and the Location of Work Download PDF
by Agrawal, David R. & Tester, Kenneth

1257 Pension Reforms and Couples’ Labour Supply Decisions Download PDF
by Moghadam, Hamed Markazi & Puhani, Patrick A. & Tyrowicz, Joanna

1256 The Occupational Attainment of American Jewish Men in the Mid-19th Century Download PDF
by Chiswick, Barry R. & Robinson, RaeAnn H.

1255 Identity, Communication, and Conflict: An Experiment Download PDF
by Bhaumik, Sumon & Chowdhury, Subhasish M. & Dimova, Ralitza & Fromell, Hanna

1254 Don’t Downsize This! Social Reactions to Mass Dismissals on Twitter Download PDF
by Bassanini, Andrea & Caroli, Eve & Chaves Ferreira, Bruno & Reberioux, Antoine

1253 The Impact of Minimum Wages on Employment: Evidence from a Lower Middle-Income Country Download PDF
by Nguyen, Cuong Viet

1252 Immunity-driven Comparative Advantage and its Palliative Effect on Social Health and Inequality: A Theoretical Perspective Download PDF
by Marjit, Sugata & Das, Gouranga G.

1251 Germs, Globalization, and Trade Spillovers: How could COVID-19 affect African Economies and AfCFTA Download PDF
by Das, Gouranga G. & Maswana, Jean-Claude & Hirano, Yumeka

1250 Growth Constraints and Structural Diversification for Kyrgyzstan Economy: Policy Analysis of Key Reforms and its Implications Download PDF
by Das, Gouranga G. & Ginting, Edimon & Horridge, Mark & Yamano, Takashi

1249 Trends in Gender and Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Physical Disability and Social Support among U.S. Older Adults with Cognitive Impairment Living Alone, 2000-2018 Download PDF
by Chen, Shanquan & Zhang, Huanyu & Underwood, Benjamin R. & Wang, Dan & Chen, Xi & Cardinal, Rudolf N.

1248 The Law of Proportionate Effect: A test based on the graphical model methodology Download PDF
by Guerzoni, Marco & Riso, Luigi & Vivarelli, Marco

1247 Wages and productivity in Argentinian manufacturing: A structuralist and distributional firm-level analysis Download PDF
by Gómez, María Celeste & Virgillito, Maria Enrica

1246 Human Capital and Climate Change Download PDF
by Angrist, Noam & Winseck, Kevin & Patrinos, Harry Anthony & Zivin, Joshua Graff

1245 Measuring Poverty in Forced Displacement Contexts Download PDF
by Pape, Utz & Verme, Paolo

1244 Disabilities and Care Needs among Older People: Evidence from Vietnam Download PDF
by Nguyen, Cuong Viet & Nguyen, Quynh Ngoc

1243 Cash Transfers and Labor Supply: New Evidence on Impacts and Mechanisms Download PDF
by Nguyen, Cuong Viet & Tarp, Finn

1242 Do Classical Studies Open your Mind? Download PDF
by Brunello, Giorgio & Esposito, Piero & Rocco, Lorenzo & Scicchitano, Sergio

1241 Informality, Education-Occupation Mismatch, and Wages: Evidence from India Download PDF
by Bahl, Shweta & Sharma, Ajay

1240 Green subsidies as strategic trade policy tools Download PDF
by Buccella, Domenico & Fanti, Luciano & Gori, Luca

1239 Cognitive Misperception and Chronic Disease Awareness: Evidence from Blood Biomarker Data Download PDF
by Lin, Zhuoer & Fu, Mingqi & Chen, Xi

1238 Parental unemployment and adolescents’ academic performance Download PDF
by Drydakis, Nick

1237 Refugee Resettlement Download PDF
by Ohta, Katsunori & Tamura, Yuji

1236 Rapid Economic Growth but Rising Poverty Segregation: Will Vietnam Meet the SDGs for Equitable Development? Download PDF
by Dang, Hai-Anh H. & Dhongde, Shatakshee & Do, Minh & Nguyen, Cuong Viet & Pimhidzai, Obert

1235 Peer interactions, local markets, and wages: Evidence from Italy Download PDF
by Brunetti, Irene & Intraligi, Valerio & Ricci, Andrea & Vittori, Claudia

1234 The impact of alternative childcare policies on mothers’ employment in selected EU countries Download PDF
by Narazani, Edlira & Agúndez García, Ana & Christl, Michael & Figari, Francesco

1233 The Value of a Green Card in the U.S. Marriage Market: A Tale of Chain Migration? Download PDF
by Bansak, Cynthia & Dziadula, Eva & Zavodny, Madeline

1232 On the Emergence of Cooperative Industrial and Labor Relations Download PDF
by Cardullo, Gabriele & Conti, Maurizio & Ricci, Andrea & Scicchitano, Sergio & Sulis, Giovanni

1231 What about the others? Conditional cooperation, climate change perception and ecological actions Download PDF
by Becchetti, Leonardo & Conzo, Gianluigi & Salustri, Francesco

1230 Epictetusian Rationality and Evolutionary Stability Download PDF
by Ponthiere, Gregory

1229 Child Gender and Subjective Well-being of Older Parents in China Download PDF
by Lei, Lei & Wu, Fengyu & Xia, Yiming

1228 Works Councils and Workers’ Party Preferences in Germany Download PDF
by Jirjahn, Uwe & Le, Thi Xuan Thu

1227 Measuring Economic Mobility in India Using Noisy Data: A Partial Identification Approach Download PDF
by Li, Hao & Millimet, Daniel L. & Roychowdhury, Punarjit

1226 Poverty Imputation in Contexts without Consumption Data: A Revisit with Further Refinements Download PDF
by Dang, Hai-Anh H. & Kilic, Talip & Abanokova, Kseniya & Carletto, Calogero

1225 Ability composition in the class and the school performance of immigrant students Download PDF
by Meschi, Elena & Pavese, Caterina

1224 The unemployment invariance hypothesis and the implications of added and discouraged worker effects in Latin America Download PDF
by Maridueña-Larrea, Ángel & Martín-Román, Ángel

1223 Women’s Education and Fertility in China Download PDF
by Zhang, Zheyuan & Zhao, Zhong

1222 Ethnic differences in intergenerational housing mobility in England and Wales Download PDF
by Buscha, Franz & Gorman, Emma & Sturgis, Patrick & Zhang, Min

1221 A Historical Note on the Assimilation Rates of Foreign-Born Women in the U.S Download PDF
by Duleep, Harriet & Dowhan, Dan & Liu, Xingfei

1220 The Evolution of Labor Market Disparities between Hispanic and non-Hispanic Men: 1970-2019 Download PDF
by Kospentaris, Ioannis & Stratton, Leslie S.

1219 Employers’ Associations, Worker Mobility, and Training Download PDF
by Martins, Pedro S. & Thomas, Jonathan P.

1218 Finance, Trade, Man and Machines: A New-Ricardian Heckscher-Ohlin-Samuelson Model Download PDF
by Marjit, Sugata & Das, Gouranga G.

1217 The Morbidity Costs of Air Pollution through the Lens of Health Spending in China Download PDF
by Zhang, Xin & Zhang, Xun & Liu, Yuehua & Zhao, Xintong & Chen, Xi

1216 In Need of a Roof: Pandemic and Housing Vulnerability Download PDF
by Mundra, Kusum & Uwaifo Oyelere, Ruth