GLO DPs-2019

GLO Discussion Papers are research and policy papers of the GLO Network which are widely circulated to encourage discussion. Here GLO DPs published in 2019 are listed.

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438 Smartphone Use and Academic Performance: First Evidence from Longitudinal Data –  Download PDF
Amez, Simon & Vujić, Sunčica & De Marez, Lieven & Baert, Stijn

437 Does loneliness lurk in temp work? Exploring the associations between temporary employment, loneliness at work and job satisfaction –  Download PDF
Moens, Eline & Baert, Stijn & Verhofstadt, Elsy & Van Ootegem, Luc

436 Labour Market Outcomes for Cancer Survivors: A Review of the Reviews –  Download PDF
Sharipova, Adelina & Baert, Stijn

435 The effect of same-sex marriage legalization on interstate migration in the United States –  Download PDF
Marcén, Miriam & Morales, Marina

434 What Does a Job Candidate’s Age Signal to Employers? –  Download PDF
Van Borm, Hannah & Burn, Ian & Baert, Stijn

433 AI and Robotics Innovation: a Sectoral and Geographical Mapping using Patent Data –  Download PDF
Van Roy, Vincent & Vertesy, Daniel & Damioli, Giacomo

432 Can bribery buy health? Evidence from post-communist countries –  Download PDF
Mavisakalyan, Astghik & Otrachshenko, Vladimir & Popova, Olga

431 Networks, Start-up Capital and Women’s Entrepreneurial Performance in Africa: Evidence from Eswatini –  Download PDF
Brixiová, Zuzana & Kangoye, Thierry

430 An exploratory study of populism: the municipality-level predictors of electoral outcomes in Italy –  Download PDF
Levi, Eugenio & Patriarca, Fabrizio

429 Estimating Poverty for Refugee Populations: Can Cross-Survey Imputation Methods Substitute for Data Scarcity? –  Download PDF
Dang, Hai-Anh H. & Verme, Paolo

428 The Microeconomic Impacts of Employee Representatives: Evidence from Membership Thresholds –  Download PDF
Martins, Pedro S.

427 Trade in Information Technologies and Changes in the Demand for Occupations –  Download PDF
Jerbashian, Vahagn

426 The Mental Health Effects of Retirement –  Download PDF
Picchio, Matteo & van Ours, Jan C.

425 The Impact of Internship Experience During Secondary Education on Schooling and Labour Market Outcomes –  Download PDF
Neyt, Brecht & Verhaest, Dieter & Baert, Stijn

424 Training, Human Capital, and Gender Gaps in Entrepreneurial Performance –  Download PDF
Brixiová, Zuzana & Kangoye, Thierry

423 Former Communist party membership and present-day entrepreneurship in Central and Eastern Europe –  Download PDF
Ivlevs, Artjoms & Nikolova, Milena & Popova, Olga

422 Job Prestige and Mobile Dating Success: A Field Experiment –  Download PDF
Neyt, Brecht & Baert, Stijn & Vynckier, Jana

421 Greater US Gun Ownership, Lethality and Murder Rates: Analysis and Policy Proposals –  Download PDF
Schiff, Maurice

420 Quantity and quality of work in the platform economy –  Download PDF
Bogliacino, Francesco & Codagnone, Cristiano & Cirillo, Valeria & Guarascio, Dario

419 Social Contacts, Dutch Language Proficiency and Immigrant Economic Performance in the Netherlands –  Download PDF
Chiswick, Barry R. & Wang, Zhiling

418 Anatomy of the Italian occupational structure: concentrated power and distributed knowledge –  Download PDF
Cetrulo, A. & Guarascio, D. & Virgillito, M. E.

417 Workplace Positive Actions, Trans People’s Self-Esteem and Human Resources’ Evaluations –  Download PDF
Bozani, Vasiliki & Drydakis, Nick & Sidiropoulou, Katerina & Harvey, Benjamin & Paraskevopoulou, Anna

416 Smartphone Use and Academic Performance: a Literature Review –  Download PDF
Amez, Simon & Baert, Stijn

415 Gender Gaps in Education –  Download PDF
Bertocchi, Graziella & Bozzano, Monica

414 Trans People, Transitioning, Mental Health, Life and Job Satisfaction –  Download PDF
Drydakis, Nick

413 30,000 minimum wages: The economic effects of collective bargaining extensions –  Download PDF
Martins, Pedro S.

412 Does Increased Teacher Accountability Decrease Leniency in Grading? –  Download PDF
Puhani, Patrick A. & Yang, Philip

411 Return, Circular, and Onward Migration Decisions in a Knowledge Society –  Download PDF
Constant, Amelie F.

410 Gender Identity Minorities and workplace legislation in Europe –  Download PDF
Sidiropoulou, Katerina

409 Intergenerational Income Mobility and Income Taxation –  Download PDF
Kurnaz, Musab & Soytas, Mehmet A

408 The quasi-market of employment services in Italy –  Download PDF
Pastore, Francesco

407 Depression in the House: The Effects of Household Air Pollution from Solid Fuel Use in China –  Download PDF
Liu, Yan & Chen, Xi & Yan, Zhijun

406 Assessing the Legal Value Added of Collective Bargaining Agreements –  Download PDF
by Martins, Pedro S. & Saraiva, Joana

405 The Arab Inequality Puzzle: The Role of Income Sources in Egypt and Tunisia –  Download PDF
by Krafft, Caroline & Davis, Elizabeth E.

404 Transition, height and well-being –  Download PDF
by Adserà, Alicia & Dalla Pozza, Francesca & Guriev, Sergei & Kleine-Rueschkamp, Lukas & Nikolova, Elena 

403 Career or flexible work arrangements? Gender differences in self-employment in a young market economy –  Download PDF
by Buttler, Dominik & Sierminska, Eva

402 Can Women’s Self-Help Groups Contribute to Sustainable Development? Evidence of Capability Changes from Northern India –  Download PDF
by Anand, Paul & Saxena, Swati & Gonzalez, Rolando & Dang, Hai-Anh H.

401 Is the future of work childless? Self-employment and fertility –  Download PDF
by Gonçalves, Judite & Martins, Pedro S.

400 Do Workers Benefit from Resource Booms in Their Home State? Evidence from the Fracking Era –  Download PDF
by Winters, John V. & Cai, Zhengyu & Maguire, Karen & Sengupta, Shruti

399 Delayed graduation and university dropout: A review of theoretical approaches –  Download PDF
by Aina, Carmen & Baici, Eliana & Casalone, Giorgia & Pastore, Francesco

398 Education-occupation mismatch of migrants in the Italian labour market: the effect of social networks –  Download PDF
by Van Wolleghem, Pierre Georges & De Angelis, Marina & Scicchitano, Sergio

397 Testing the employment and skill impact of new technologies: A survey and some methodological issues – Download PDF
by Barbieri, Laura & Mussida, Chiara & Piva, Mariacristina & Vivarelli, Marco

396 Are asylum seekers more likely to work with more inclusive labor market access regulations?  Download PDF
by Slotwinski, Michaela & Stutzer, Alois & Uhlig, Roman

395 Parental Migration, Investment in Children, and Children’s Non-cognitive Development: Evidence from Rural China – Download PDF
by Jiang, Hanchen & Yang, Xi

394 Impact of Early Childcare on Immigrant Children’s Educational Performance– Download PDF
by Corazzini, Luca & Meschi, Elena & Pavese, Caterina

393 The gender wage gap among PhD holders: an empirical examination based on Italian data  Download PDF
by Alfano, Vincenzo & Cicatiello, Lorenzo & Gaeta, Giuseppe Lucio & Pinto, Mauro

392 The Impact of Family Size and Sibling Structure on the Great Mexico-U.S. Migration – Download PDF
by Bratti, Massimiliano & Fiore, Simona & Mendola, Mariapia

391 Turkish University Students’ Self-Perceptions of Aging: An Analysis Over Socio-Economic Dimensions – Download PDF
by Yumurtaci, Aynur & Bagis, Bilal

390 The Impact of Exposure to Missionaries on the English Language Proficiency and Earnings of Immigrants in the USA – Download PDF
by Larsen, Nicholas & Chiswick, Barry R.

389 On the road to integration? Immigrant’s demand for informal (& formal) education – Download PDF
by Coniglio, Nicola D. & Hoxhaj, Rezart & Jayet, Hubert

388 Divorce among European and Mexican Immigrants in the U.S – Download PDF
by Chiswick, Barry R. & Houseworth, Christina A

387 A Simple Solution to the Problem of Independence of Irrelevant Alternatives in Choo and Siow Marriage Market Model  Download PDF
by Gutierrez, Federico H.

386 The diversity of household assets holdings in the United States in 2007 and 2009: Measurement and determinants – Download PDF
by Sierminska, Eva M. & Silber, Jacques

385 The Impact of BMI on Mental Health: Further Evidence from Genetic Markers – Download PDF
by Amin, Vikesh & Flores, Carlos A. & Flores-Lagunes, Alfonso

384 Smartphone Use and Academic Performance: Correlation or Causal Relationship? – Download PDF
by Baert, Stijn & Vujić, Sunčica & Amez, Simon & Claeskens, Matteo & Daman, Thomas & Maeckelberghe, Arno & Omey, Eddy & De Marez, Lieven

383 The long-term effect of migration on economic inequality between EU Member States – Download PDF
by Ulceluse, Magdalena

382 Extreme Temperature and Extreme Violence across Age and Gender: Evidence from Russia  Download PDF
by Popova, Olga & Otrachshenko, Vladimir & Tavares, José

381 Income Inequality and the Size of Government: A Causal Analysis – Download PDF
by Guzi, Martin & Kahanec, Martin

380 The Yen Exchange Rate and the Hollowing Out of the Japanese Industry – Download PDF
by Belke, Ansgar & Volz, Ulrich

379 The effectiveness of restrictive immigration policies: the case of transitional arrangements  Download PDF
by Ulceluse, Magdalena & Kahanec, Martin

378 Foreign aid, bilateral asylum immigration and development – Download PDF
by Murat, Marina

377 Interest Rate Hysteresis in Macroeconomic Investment under Uncertainty – Download PDF
by Belke, Ansgar & Göcke, Matthias

376 Skill Gap, Mismatch, and the Dynamics of Italian Companies’ Productivity  Download PDF
by Fanti, Lucrezia & Guarascio, Dario & Tubiana, Matteo

375 Migration. Comparing political and cultural visions – Download PDF
by Bruni, Michele & Catani, Mario

374 Interest Rate Bands of Inaction and Play-Hysteresis in Domestic Investment – Evidence for the Euro Area – Download PDF
by Belke, Ansgar & Frenzel Baudisch, Coletta & Göcke, Matthias

373 Gender division of household labor: How does culture operate?  Download PDF
by Marcén, Miriam & Morales, Marina

372 Labor market policy and subjective well-being during the Great Recession  Download PDF
by Morgan, Robson & O’Connor, Kelsey J.

371 The Role of Locus of Control in Education, Occupation, Income and Healthy Habits: Evidence from Australian Twins – Download PDF
by Xue, Sen & Kidd, Michael P. & Le, Anh T. & Kirk, Kathy & Martin, Nicholas G.

370 Social Networks and Mental Health Outcomes: Chinese Rural-Urban Migrant Experience – Download PDF
by Meng, Xin & Xue, Sen

369 Beauty and Job Accessibility: New Evidence from a Field Experiment – Download PDF
by Deng, Weiguang & Li, Dayang & Zhou, Dong

368 Employment Protection and Firm-provided Training: Quasi-experimental Evidence from a Labour Market Reform – Download PDF
by Bratti, Massimiliano & Conti, Maurizio & Sulis, Giovanni

367 Reformatory Policies and Factor Prices in a Developing Economy with Informal Sector – Download PDF
by Mandal, Biswajit & Ghosh, Sujata

366 ‘More Children, More Happiness?’: New Evidence from Elderly Parents in China – Download PDF
by Gao, Yanyan & Qu, Zhaopeng

365 The Urgent Need for an Economics of “Hategoatism – Download PDF
by Payson, Steven

364 Hate at first sight? Dynamic aspects of the electoral impact of migration: The case of Ukip – Download PDF
by Levi, Eugenio & Mariani, Rama Dasi & Patriarca, Fabrizio

363 The Gender Pay Gap in the US: A Matching Study – Download PDF
by Meara, Katie & Pastore, Francesco & Webster, Allan

362 Mental Health, Schooling Attainment and Polygenic Scores: Are There Significant Gene-Environment Associations? – Download PDF
by Amin, Vikesh & Behrman, Jere R. & Fletcher, Jason M. & Flores, Carlos A. & Flores-Lagunes, Alfonso & Kohler, Hans-Peter

361 Technological change and occupation mobility: A task-based approach to horizontal mismatch – Download PDF
by Aepli, Manuel

360 Economic Uncertainty and Fertility – Download PDF
by Gözgör, Giray & Bilgin, Mehmet Huseyin & Rangazas, Peter

359 The evolution of tax implicit value judgements, redistribution and income inequality in the UK: 1968 to 2015  Download PDF
by van de Ven, Justin & Hérault, Nicolas

358 Birth Weight and Cognitive Development during Childhood: Evidence from India – Download PDF
by Kumar, Santosh & Kumar, Kaushalendra & Laxminarayan, Ramanan & Nandi, Arindam

357 Do Private Household Transfers to the Elderly Respond to Public Pension Benefits? Evidence from Rural China – Download PDF
by Nikolov, Plamen & Adelman, Alan

356 What do student jobs on graduate CVs signal to employers? – Download PDF
by Van Belle, Eva & Caers, Ralf & Cuypers, Laure & De Couck, Marijke & Neyt, Brecht & Van Borm, Hannah & Baert, Stijn

355 Technology and employment in a vertically connected economy: a model and an empirical test – Download PDF
by Dosi, G. & Piva, M. & Virgillito, M. E. & Vivarelli, M.

354 Will You Marry Me … if Our Children Are Healthy? The Impact of Maternal Age and the Associated Risk of Having a Child with Health Problems on Family Structure – Download PDF
by Gutierrez, Federico H.

353 The Effect of 9/11 on Immigrants’ Ethnic Identity and Employment: Evidence from Germany Download PDF
by Delaporte, Isaure

352 The effect of immigration on natives’ well-being in the European Union Download PDF
by O’Connor, Kelsey J.

351 Who is in favor of immigration Download PDF
by Epstein, Gil S. & Katav-Herz, Shirit

350 The Immigrant-Native Wage Gap in Germany Revisited Download PDF
by Ingwersen, Kai & Thomsen, Stephan L.

349 Childcare and Maternal Employment: Evidence from Vietnam Download PDF
by Dang, Hai-Anh H. & Hiraga, Masako & Nguyen, Cuong Viet

348 Employment Effects of Offshore Oil and Gas Regulations Download PDF
by Payson, Steven & Sloboda, Brian W.

347 Works Councils and Organizational Gender Policies in Germany Download PDF
by Jirjahn, Uwe & Mohrenweiser, Jens

346 The Effect of Education on Health: Evidence from the 1997 Compulsory Schooling Reform in Turkey Download PDF
by Baltagi, Badi H. & Flores-Lagunes, Alfonso & Karatas, Haci M.

345 Ethnic Identity and the Employment Outcomes of Immigrants: Evidence from France Download PDF
by Delaporte, Isaure

344 Stalin and the origins of mistrust Download PDF
by Nikolova, Milena & Popova, Olga & Otrachshenko, Vladimir

343 Intergenerational Mobility: An Assessment for Latin American Countries Download PDF
by Doruk, Ömer Tuğsal & Yavuz, Hasan Bilgehan & Pastore, Francesco

342 The impact of Brexit on International Students’ Return Intentions Download PDF
by Falkingham, Jane & Giulietti, Corrado & Wahba, Jackline & Wang, Chuhong

341 [rev] Migration and Canadian Interprovincial Trade Download PDF
by Aziz, Nusrate & Aziz, Ahmed & Mahar, Gerry

341 Labour mobility and interprovincial trade in Canada Download PDF
by Aziz, Nusrate & Mahar, Gerry

340 Should I stay or should I go? Migration and job-skills mismatch among Italian doctoral recipients  Download PDF
by Alfano, Vincenzo & D’Uva, Marcella & De Simone, Elina & Gaeta, Giuseppe Lucio

339 Monopsony Power and Guest Worker Programs  Download PDF
by Gibbons, Eric M. & Greenman, Allie & Norlander, Peter & Sørensen, Todd

338 Personality Traits and Performance in Online Labour Markets Download PDF
by Mourelatos, Evangelos & Giannakopoulos, Nicholas & Tzagarakis, Manolis

337 Out-of-Partnership Births in East and West Germany Download PDF
by Jirjahn, Uwe & Struewing, Cornelia

336 What Is the Value Added by Using Causal Machine Learning Methods in a Welfare Experiment Evaluation? Download PDF
by Strittmatter, Anthony

335 Returns to Investment in Education: The Case of Turkey Download PDF
by Patrinos, Harry Anthony & Psacharopoulos, George & Tansel, Aysit

334 Conflict Exposure and Economic Welfare in Nigeria Download PDF
by Odozi, John Chiwuzulum & Oyelere, Ruth Uwaifo

333 Assessing the impact of off- and on-the-job training on employment outcomes. A counterfactual evaluation of the PIPOL program Download PDF
by Pastore, Francesco & Pompili, Marco

332 Maternal Health, Children Education and Women Empowerment: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from India Download PDF
by Chatterjee, Somdeep & Poddar, Prashant

331 Exchange rate, remittances and expenditure of foreign-born households: evidence from Australia Download PDF
by Hasan, Syed & Ratna, Nazmun & Shakur, Shamim

330 Walls and Fences: A Journey Through History and Economics Download PDF
by Vernon, Victoria & Zimmermann, Klaus F.

329 Female genital mutilation and migration in Mali. Do return migrants transfer social norms? Download PDF
by Diabate, Idrissa & Mesplé-Somps, Sandrine

328 Short-Run Health Consequences of Retirement and Pension Benefits: Evidence from China  Download PDF
by Nikolov, Plamen & Adelman, Alan

327 Tracking the Sustainable Development Goals: Emerging Measurement Challenges and Further Reflections Download PDF
by Dang, Hai-Anh H. & Fu, Haishan & Serajuddin, Umar

326 Public Employment Decline in Developing Countries in the 21st Century: The Role of Globalization Download PDF
by Gözgör, Giray & Bilgin, Mehmet Huseyin & Zimmermann, Klaus F.

325 The Nativity Wealth Gap in Europe: a Matching Approach Download PDF
by Ferrari, Irene

324 The Evolution of Factor Shares: Evidence from Switzerland Download PDF
by Baldi, Guido & Pons, Martina

323 Timed to Say Goodbye: Does Unemployment Benefit Eligibility Affect Worker Layoffs? Download PDF
by Albanese, Andrea & Ghirelli, Corinna & Picchio, Matteo

322 Beyond the Average: Ethnic Capital Heterogeneity and Intergenerational Transmission of Education Download PDF
by Chakraborty, Tanika & Schüller, Simone & Zimmermann, Klaus F.

321 The Growing Divergence in U.S. Employee Relations: Individualism, Democracy, and Conflict Download PDF
by Norlander, Peter

320 Innovation, Automation, and Inequality: Policy Challenges in the Race against the Machine Download PDF
by Prettner, Klaus & Strulik, Holger

319 English skills, labour market status and earnings of Turkish women Download PDF
by Di Paolo, Antonio & Tansel, Aysit

318 Improving Access and Quality in Early Childhood Development Programs: Experimental Evidence from The Gambia Download PDF
by Blimpo, Moussa P. & Carneiro, Pedro & Jervis, Pamela & Pugatch, Todd

317 Motherhood, Migration, and Self-Employment of College Graduates  – Download PDF
by  Cai, Zhengyu & Stephens, Heather M. & Winters, John V.

316 Whither the evolution of the contemporary social fabric? New technologies and old socio-economic trends – Download PDF
by  Dosi, Giovanni & Virgillito, Maria Enrica

315 Are there gains to joining a union? Evidence from Mexico – Download PDF
by  Gutiérrez Rufrancos & Héctor Elías

314 Home advantage in European international soccer: Which dimension of distance matters? Download PDF
by  Van Damme, Nils & Baert, Stijn

313 Twelve eyes see more than eight. Referee bias and the introduction of additional assistant referees in soccer Download PDF
by  Verstraeten, Olivier & Baert, Stijn

312 Works Councils and Workplace Health Promotion in Germany Download PDF
by Jirjahn, Uwe & Mohrenweiser, Jens & Smith, Stephen C.

311 Does Society Influence the Gender Gap in Risk Attitudes? Evidence from East and West Germany Download PDF
by Chadi, Cornelia & Jirjahn, Uwe

310 Immigration and unemployment in Europe: does the core-periphery dualism matter?  – Download PDF
by Esposito, Piero & Collignon, Stefan & Scicchitano, Sergio

309 International Migration as Driver of Political and Social Change: Evidence from Morocco – Download PDF
by Tuccio, Michele & Wahba, Jackline & Hamdouch, Bachir

308 Technological Unemployment Revisited: Automation in a Search and Matching Framework Download PDF
by Cords, Dario & Prettner, Klaus

307 Gender, culture and STEM: Counter-intuitive patterns in Arab societyDownload PDF
by Friedman-Sokuler, Naomi & Justman, Moshe

306 Time preferences and political regimes: Evidence from reunified GermanyDownload PDF
by Friehe, Tim & Pannenberg, Markus

305 The Deterrent Effect of an Anti-Minaret Vote on Foreigners’ Location Choices Download PDF
by Slotwinski, Michaela & Stutzer, Alois

304 Tropical Storms and Mortality under Climate Change Download PDF
by Pugatch, Todd

303 The Post-Crisis Phillips Curve: A New Empirical Relationship between Wage and Inflation  – Download PDF
by Voinea, Liviu

302 Marshallian vs Jacobs effects: which one is stronger? Evidence for Russia unemployment dynamics  – Download PDF
by Demidova, Olga & Kolyagina, Alena & Pastore, Francesco

301 The World at the Crossroad. Demographic Polarization and Mass Migration. Global threat or global opportunity  – Download PDF
by Bruni, Michele

300 The Belt and Road Initiative. Demographic trends, labour markets and welfare systems of member countries  – Download PDF
by Bruni, Michele

299  The unprotecting effects of employment protection: the impact of the 2001 labor reform in Peru – Download PDF
by Jaramillo, Miguel

298  Measuring the Statistical Capacity of Nations  – Download PDF
by Cameron, Grant J. & Dang, Hai-Anh H. & Dinc, Mustafa & Foster, James & Lokshin, Michael M.

297  Inequality and Welfare Dynamics in the Russian Federation during 1994-2015  – Download PDF
by Dang, Hai-Anh H. & Lokshin, Michael M. & Abanokova, Kseniya & Bussolo, Maurizio

296  A Beveridge curve decomposition for Austria: what drives the unemployment rate?  – Download PDF
by Christl, Michael

295 Health, Cognition and Work Capacity Beyond the Age of 50   – Download PDF
by Vandenberghe, Vincent

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Any opinions expressed in the GLO Discussion Paper Series are those of the author(s) and not those of the GLO and while they may contain specific views on policy, the GLO itself does not take any institutional policy positions.

438 Smartphone Use and Academic Performance: First Evidence from Longitudinal Data –  Download PDF
Amez, Simon & Vujić, Sunčica & De Marez, Lieven & Baert, Stijn

437 Does loneliness lurk in temp work? Exploring the associations between temporary employment, loneliness at work and job satisfaction –  Download PDF
Moens, Eline & Baert, Stijn & Verhofstadt, Elsy & Van Ootegem, Luc

436 Labour Market Outcomes for Cancer Survivors: A Review of the Reviews –  Download PDF
Sharipova, Adelina & Baert, Stijn

435 The effect of same-sex marriage legalization on interstate migration in the United States –  Download PDF
Marcén, Miriam & Morales, Marina