GLO DPs-2024

GLO Discussion Papers are research and policy papers of the GLO Network which are widely circulated to encourage discussion. Here GLO DPs published in 2024 are listed.

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Managing Editor: Leena Bhattacharya


1437 Children’s Residential Proximity, Spousal Presence and Dementia Risk Download PDF
by Lin, Zhuoer & Yin, Xuecheng & Levy, Becca R. & Yuan, Yue & Chen, Xi

1436 Her Job, her Safety? Domestic Violence and Women’s Economic Empowerment: Evidence from Ethiopia Download PDF
by Bedaso, Fenet Jima

1435 Access to Information and Adoption of New Farming Practices: A Spatial Analysis Download PDF
by Kulshreshtha, Shobhit

1434 Natural disasters and the demand for health insurance Download PDF
by Ha Trong Nguyen & Mitrou, Francis

1433 The Morality of Markets. A Comment Download PDF
by Ponthiere, Gregory & Stevens, Nicolas

1432 Identifying the effects of health insurance coverage on health care use when coverage is misreported and endogenous Download PDF
by Ha Trong Nguyen & Le, Huong Thu & Blyth, Christopher & Connelly, Luke & Mitrou, Francis

1431 The Returns to Education and the Wage Effect from Overeducation in Trinidad and Tobago: A Pseudo-Panel Approach Download PDF
by Doon, Roshnie & Scicchitano, Sergio

1430 COVID-19 Lockdown, Home Environment, Lifestyles, and Mental Health among Preschoolers in China Download PDF
by Zhang, Yunting & Zhao, Jin & Yu, Zhangsheng & Wang, Guanghai & Zhang, Jun & Jiang, Fan & Wu, Saishuang & Zhang, Yue & Zhang, Donglan & Chen, Xi

1429 Loud or quiet quitting? The influence of work orientations on effort and turnover Download PDF
by Nikolova, Milena

1428 Contract Farming and Food Security in Developing Economies: A Framework Model for Spillover Impact Download PDF
by Das, Gouranga G. & Bhattacharya, Ranajoy

1427 Immigrant overeducation across two generations: The role of gender and part-time work Download PDF
by Pineda-Hernández, Kevin & Rycx, François & Volral, Mélanie

1426 Residential responses to cyclones: New evidence from Australia Download PDF
by Nguyen, Ha Trong & Mitrou, Francis

1425 Automation and flexible labor contracts: Firm-level evidence from Italy Download PDF
by Traverso, Silvio & Vatiero, Massimiliano & Zaninotto, Enrico

1424 Assessing Long-Run Price Convergence in Retailing Download PDF
by Borraz, Fernando & Zipitría, Leandro

1423 A neglected determinant of eating behaviors: Relative age Download PDF
by Fumarco, Luca & Hartmann, Sven A. & Principe, Francesco

1422 Does gender of firm ownership matter? Female entrepreneurs and the gender pay gap Download PDF
by Kritikos, Alexander S. & Maliranta, Mika & Nippala, Veera & Nurmi, Satu

1421 Corporate Social Responsibility: A theory of the firm revisited with environmental issues Download PDF
by Buccella, Domenico & Fanti, Luciano & Gori, Luca

1420 Do migrants displace native-born workers on the labour market? The impact of workers’ origin Download PDF
by Fays, Valentine & Mahy, Benoît & Rycx, François

1419 Overeducation, Overskilling and Job Satisfaction in Europe: The Moderating Role of Employment Contracts Download PDF
by Giuliano, Romina & Mahy, Benoît & Rycx, François & Vermeylen, Guillaume

1418 Labour Market Performance of Immigrants: New Evidence from Linked Administrative Data Download PDF
by Kaya, Ezgi

1417 Wealth Inequality and Economic Growth: Evidence from the World Inequality Database Download PDF
by Steenbrink, Rachel & Skali, Ahmed

1416 Gini who? The relationship between inequality perceptions and life satisfaction Download PDF
by Marchesi, Daniele & Nikolova, Milena & Angelini, Viola

1415 Did COVID-19 (permanently) raise the demand for “teleworkable” jobs? Download PDF
by Bratti, Massimiliano & Brunetti, Irene & Corvasce, Alessandro & Maida, Agata & Ricci, Andrea

1414 Does redistribution hurt growth? An Empirical Assessment of the Redistribution-Growth Relationship in the European Union Download PDF
by Christl, Michael & De Poli, Silvia & Köppl-Turyna, Monika

1413 Intimate Partner Abuse and Child Health Download PDF
by Bharati, Tushar & Mavisakalyan, Astghik & Vu, Loan

1412 Migration and Consumption Download PDF
by Misuraca, Roberta & Zimmermann, Klaus F.

1411 Country Statistical Capacity: A Recent Assessment Tool and Further Reflections on the Way Forward Download PDF
by Dang, Hai-Anh H. & Jolliffe, Dean & Serajuddin, Umar & Stacy, Brian

1410 Solar cycles and time allocation of children and adolescents Download PDF
by Nguyen, Ha Trong & Zubrick, Stephen R. & Mitrou, Francis

1409 “Bad Jobs” in “Good Industries”: The Precarious Employment of Migrant Workers in the Manufacturing Sector of the Emilia-Romagna Region Download PDF
by Landini, Fabio & Rinaldi, Riccardo

1408 Artificial Intelligence Capital and Employment Prospects Download PDF
by Drydakis, Nick

1407 Breaking the Divide: Can Public Spending on Social Infrastructure Boost Female Employment in Italy? Download PDF
by Reljic, Jelena & Zezza, Francesco

1406 Fiscal policy instruments for inclusive labour markets: A review Download PDF
by Ernst, Ekkehard & Merola, Rossana & Reljic, Jelena

1405 Stoicism and the Tragedy of the Commons Download PDF
by Ponthiere, Gregory

1404 Can AI Bridge the Gender Gap in Competitiveness? Download PDF
by Mourelatos, Evangelos & Zervas, Panagiotis & Lagios, Dimitris & Tzimas, Giannis

1403 How China’s “Later, Longer, Fewer” Campaign Extends Life Expectancy: A Study of Intergenerational Support for Elderly Parents Download PDF
by Bansak, Cynthia & Dziadula, Eva & Wang, Sophie Xuefei

1402 Healthcare Quality and Dementia Risk Download PDF
by Aravena, José M. & Chen, Xi & Levy, Becca R.

1401 Strategic Behaviours in a Labour Market with Mobility-Restricting Contractual Provisions: Evidence from the National Hockey League Download PDF
by Fumarco, Luca & Longley, Neil & Palermo, Alberto & Rossi, Giambattista

1400 Estimating the wage premia of refugee immigrants: Lessons from Sweden Download PDF
by Baum, Christopher F. & Lööf, Hans & Stephan, Andreas & Zimmermann, Klaus F.

1399 The Wage Effects of Polytechnic Degrees: Evidence from the 1999 China Higher Education Expansion Download PDF
by Dai, Li & Martins, Pedro S.

1398 COVID 19 and Wage Polarization: A task based approach Download PDF
by Schettino, Francesco & Scicchitano, Sergio & Suppa, Domenico

1397 The Lasting Impact of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study: COVID-19 Vaccination Hesitation among African Americans Download PDF
by Hou, Xiaolong & Jiao, Yang & Shen, Leilei & Chen, Zhuo

1396 The impact of COVID-19 on health workers: A health labor market perspective to improve response Download PDF
by Bustamante Izquierdo, Juana Paola & Cometto, Giorgio & Diallo, Khassoum & Zurn, Pascal & Campbell, Jim

1395 Will robot replace workers? Assessing the impact of robots on employment and wages with meta-analysis Download PDF
by Guarascio, Dario & Piccirillo, Alessandro & Reljic, Jelena

1394 From A to Z: Effects of a 2nd-grade reading intervention program for struggling readers Download PDF
by Lopes, João & Martins, Pedro S. & Oliveira, Célia & Ferreira, João & Oliveira, João Tiago & Crato, Nuno

1393 Occupational Segregation and the Gender Wage Gap: Evidence from Ethiopia Download PDF
by Bedaso, Fenet Jima

1392 Using Survey-to-Survey Imputation to Fill Poverty Data Gaps at a Low Cost: Evidence from a Randomized Survey Experiment Download PDF
by Dang, Hai-Anh & Kilic, Talip & Hlasny, Vladimir & Abanokova, Kseniya & Carletto, Calogero

1391 Bride Kidnapping and Informal Governance Institutions Download PDF
by Porreca, Zachary

1390 The Entrepreneur’s Cognitive and Behavioral Journey: Understanding Heuristics and Bias under Risk and Uncertainty Download PDF
by Cucchiarini, Veronica & Scicchitano, Sergio & Viale, Riccardo

1389 The long-lasting effect of feudal human capital: Insights from Vietnam Download PDF
by Hoang, Trung Xuan & Nguyen, Cuong Viet

1388 Family background, education, and earnings: The limited value of “test-score transmission” Download PDF
by Friedman-Sokuler, Naomi & Justman, Moshe

1387 Ethnic identity and educational outcomes Download PDF
by Randazzo, Teresa & Piracha, Matloob

1386 Hukou status and children’s education in China Download PDF
by Sun, Yue & Zhao, Liqiu & Zhao, Zhong

1385 Weather Conditions and Physical Activity: Insights for Climate Emergency Policies Download PDF
by Belloc, Ignacio & Gimenez-Nadal, José Ignacio & Molina, José Alberto

1384 Childhood Circumstances and Health of American and Chinese Older Adults: A Machine Learning Evaluation of Inequality of Opportunity in Health Download PDF
by Huo, Shutong & Feng, Derek & Gill, Thomas M. & Chen, Xi

1383 Reviewing Assessment Tools for Measuring Country Statistical Capacity Download PDF
by Dang, Hai-Anh H. & Pullinger, John & Serajuddin, Umar & Stacy, Brian

1382 Working from home and job satisfaction: The role of gender and personality traits Download PDF
by Esposito, P. & Mendolia, S. & Scicchitano, S. & Tealdi, C.

1381 Exploring the Spillover Effects of Internally Displaced Settlements on the Wellbeing of Children of the Locales Download PDF
by Uchenna, Efobi & Joseph, Ajefu

1380 Occupational Differences in the Effects of Retirement on Hospitalizations for Mental Illness among Female Workers: Evidence from Administrative Data in China Download PDF
by Wang, Tianyu & Sun, Ruochen & Sindelar, Jody L. & Chen, Xi

1379 The effect of COVID-19 on the gender gap in remote work Download PDF
by Marcén, Miriam & Morales, Marina

1378 Social interactions, loneliness and health: A new angle on an old debate Download PDF
by Casabianca, Elizabeth & Kovacic, Matija

1377 Union structure and product quality differentiation Download PDF
by Meccheri, Nicola & Vergari, Cecilia

1376 Tackling the Last Hurdles of Poverty Entrenchment: An Investigation of Poverty Dynamics for Ghana during 2005/06-2016/17 Download PDF
by Dang, Hai-Anh H. & Raju, Dhushyanth & Tanaka, Tomomi & Abanokova, Kseniya

1375 Men’s premarital migration and marriage payments: Evidence from Indonesia Download PDF
by Champeaux, Hugues & Gautrain, Elsa & Marazyan, Karine

1374 Navigating the Precarious Path: Understanding the Dualisation of the Italian Labour Market through the Lens of Involuntary Part-Time Employment Download PDF
by Cuccu, Liliana & Royuela, Vicente & Scicchitano, Sergio

1373 Early Life Exposure to the Great Chinese Famine (1959-1961) and the Health of Older Adults in China: A Meta-Analysis (2008-2023) Download PDF
by Shen, Chi & Chen, Xi

1372 COVID-19, School Closures, and Student Learning Outcomes: New Global Evidence from PISA Download PDF
by Jakubowski, Maciej & Gajderowicz, Tomasz & Patrinos, Harry

1371 Digital Mobility of Financial Capital Across Different Time Zones, Factor Prices and Sectoral Composition Download PDF
by Mandal, Biswajit

1370 Citizenship, math and gender: Exploring immigrant students’ choice of majors Download PDF
by Murat, Marina

1369 Corporate Globalization and Worker Representation Download PDF
by Jirjahn, Uwe

1368 Gender Quotas, Board Diversity and Spillover Effects. Evidence from Italian Banks Download PDF
by Del Prete, Silvia & Papini, Giulio & Tonello, Marco

1367 Intergenerational (im)mobility in Pakistan: Is the social elevator broken? Download PDF
by Andlib, Zubaria & Sadiq, Maqsood & Scicchitano, Sergio

1366 Urbanization and the Change in Political Elites Download PDF
by Franck, Raphaël & Gay, Victor