PanelWhiz is a data extraction tool written in Stata ( for use with stata panel datasets, written by John Haisken-DeNew and Markus Hahn (University of Melbourne, Australia). See for more information.

More than 10 years in operation, PanelWhiz simplifies selecting and extracting data using a common graphical user interface and it is used by more than 400 researchers internationally.

PanelWhiz supports datasets such as the German SOEP, the American HRS, CPS, SIPP, the British BHPS, the Australian HILDA, LSAC, LSIC, BNLA, SIH and the Russian RLMS to name a few.

PanelWhiz is “charity-ware”, in which researchers donate $20 US directly to UNICEF to use PanelWhiz for a supported dataset. The donation is valid for a distribution of the data, typically one or two years, depending on the dataset.


GLO Network members are not required to make a UNICEF donation for the first 3 datasets EACH CALENDAR YEAR. (Most users do not use more than 3 datasets in PanelWhiz.) It is sufficient to mention upon ordering that one is a member of  the GLO network and provide the link to your GLO Profile. Year to year updates are made automatically over the internet. This offer is available on a trial basis until Dec 31, 2017.