Labor and Wealth

Abstract: The Great Recession and the retrenchment of welfare states have increased the role of private assets for the economy and the household.  In addition, inheritance and gifts are shown to affect labor market decisions. At the same time, labor market outcomes and decisions play a dominant role in wealth accumulation for a majority of the population. The role of institutions, policies and tax structures in this context is also substantial. The recent advances in data collection have spurred and enabled a new interest in these themes. The GLO Cluster Labor and Wealth focuses on unraveling these themes into systematic findings while focusing on intra-household decision making, financial education and labor market outcomes. Identifying the role of institution in this respect can help identify policies needed to reduce vulnerabilities among households (throughout the wealth distribution).

Cluster Lead: Eva Sierminska

GLO Cluster Lead Eva M. Sierminska is Senior Researcher at the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research, Luxembourg. She is a labor economist and has extensive research experience in the area of labor markets, inequality, household finance and population economics. She is Managing Co-editor of the Journal of Income Distribution.

2018 activities