Chinese Labor Market

The GLO Cluster on the Chinese Labor Market aims at developing a research agenda around major challenges that China is currently facing, such as: rural-urban migration, structural changes in the labor force, rising income inequality, segmentation and labor market discrimination, labor market policy. At a broader level, this cluster aims at generating evidence-based policy advice for Chinese policymakers and for stakeholders interested in the Chinese labor market.

Cluster Lead: Corrado Giulietti

Corrado Giulietti is Professor of Economics and Head of the Department of Economics within the School of Economic, Social and Political Sciences at the University of Southampton. He is also Director of the China Research Centre and collaborates with the ESRC Centre for Population Change at the University of Southampton. Further, he is Research Director of the Global Labor Organization and Associate Editor of the Journal of Population Economics.

2024 activities:

  • 05; 16-17: Guangzhou, Jinan University, China. 7th IESR-GLO joint workshop on Aging Societies: Healthy Aging, Grandparenting, and Parent- Adult Offspring Relationships. Special invitation only.

2023 activities:

2022 activities:

  • 12; 1-3: Various China activities were part of the GLO Global Conference, hybrid. Invited and contributed sessions. Includes joint sessions with the Journal of Population Economics about issue 1/2023 of the journal and the presentation of the 2023 Kuznets Prize. Call for papers, reports & videos.
  • 08; 29-30: Guangzhou, Jinan University, China. 5th IESR-GLO joint conference on “Social Policy Under Global Challenges”. Call for papers…. Report including video recording.

2021 activities:

  • 12; 12: Beijing; Fourth Renmin University – GLO Conference together with Journal of Population Economics on China Issues. Program & Report.
  • 6; 24-26: Guangzhou, Jinan University, China. Fourth IESR-GLO Joint Conference on “Social Assistance”. Virtual event. MORE INFO. Intermediate Report. Final Report with videos of the three days.

2020 activities:

  • 12; 19: Beijing, China. Third Renmin University – GLO Conference on “Chinese Labor Market Issues”. Program & Registration. Report and video of the event.
  • 6; 12-14: Beijing, China. 2020 International Conference on Global Migration and Talent Mobility organized by CCG with Metropolis China and Metropolis Asia, and supported by GLO. Further info. Cancelled due to Covit-19.
  • 6; 5-7: Guangzhou, Jinan University, China. Third IESR-GLO Joint Conference on “The Economics of Covit-19”. Virtual event. MORE INFO.

2019 activities:

  • 12; 12: Beijing, China. GLO President visiting the Center for China and Globalization (CCG) for collaboration talks. Report.
  • 12; 11: Beijing, China. Peking University, China Center for Agricultural Policy: Seminar speech of GLO President on “Global Labor Challenges & the B&R Initiative”. Report.
  • 12; 10: Beijing, China. Beijing Normal University (BNU): Seminar speech of GLO President on “Economic Preferences Across Generations”. Report.
  • 12; 10: Beijing, China. University of Chinese Academy of Sciences: Seminar speech of GLO President on “Arsenic in Drinking Water: Health Challenges and Responses”. Report.
  • 12; 9-11: Beijing, China. Renmin University of China. Office and research talks with researchers; seminar on December 9 on “Publishing in Top Research Journals”. Report.
  • 12; 7-8: Beijing, China. Renmin University of China. Second Renmin University – GLO conference. Call for Papers. Various Conference Reports.
  • 11; 1-2: Ningbo, China. Annual Conference, Public Lecture of GLO President Klaus F. Zimmermann. At GEP, the Globalisation and Economic Policy Centre at University of Nottingham Ningbo China. Conference Report.
  • 12; 5: Beijing, China. For the Future: International Conference on Vocational Education and Training Development. Klaus F. Zimmermann was the Luncheon Keynote Speaker. Report.
  • 10; 28-30: Shanghai, China. Lixin University; Public Speech of GLO President Klaus F. Zimmermann on October 29. Visit with Lexin University President Oct. 28. Report Public Lecture Oct. 29.
  • 3; 21-22: Guangzhou, China. Jinan University. IESR-GLO Workshop on “Belt and Road” Labor Markets. Organizers: Shuaizhang Feng and Klaus Zimmermann. A focus was China, South Asia and South East Asia. GLO News Report. IESR Report LINK WEBSITE.

2018 activities:

GLO Cluster Lead China Corrado Giulietti (University of Southampten, right) and GLO President Klaus F. Zimmermann.