GLO Session at Conference in Malaysia – Pictures of the Event

The Global Labor Organization (GLO) had organized a special session in the Inaugural International Conference on Applied Economics and Policy (ICAEP),  which took place at the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur on August 21-22, 2017.

GLO Cluster Head for South-East Asia Professor M Niaz Asadullah successfully organized a GLO session on issues related to women in the labor market in emerging Asian economies at the recently inaugural ICAEP 2017 conference at the University of Malaya. In total, four
papers were presented (see below). More details. Rafal Chomik of the University of New South Wales elaborated on key demographic changes affecting labor markets in Asia- Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) member countries and the importance of increased female labor market participation to sustain economic growth. The remaining three papers discussed various country-specific challenges related to female employment. GLO Affiliate Saizi Xiao discussed the decline in female labor force participation in China while Sharifah Nabilah of the International Islamic University Malaysia spoke about the challenges of retaining women in the Malaysian labor market. The last presentation by Niaz Asadullah focused on Bangladesh and emphasized the importance of decent jobs and the need to improve working conditions and protect rights of female workers to attract more women into the labor market.

The GLO session on August 21, 2017 has been:

M Niaz Asadullah & Fahema Talukder
The Paradox of the Contented Female Worker: Evidence from Bangladesh’s RMG Sector
Saizi Xiao & M Niaz Asadullah
Leftover Women? Gender Norms and Male-Female Difference in Paid Work Participation in China
Sharifah Nabilah Syed Salleh, M Niaz Asadullah & Norma Mansor
Women’s Market Work and Unpaid Care Responsibilities: Who Exits the Labor Market in Malaysia?
Rafal Chomik, John Piggott & Peter McDonald
The Impact of Demographic Change on Labour Supply and Economic Growth in APEC


Sharifah Nabilah (International Islamic University Malaysia), M Niaz Asadullah (GLO & University of Malaya), Rafal Chomik (University of New South Wales) and Saizi Xiao (GLO Affiliate & PhD candidate at University of Malaya)

Rafal Chomik (University of New South Wales)

M Niaz Asadullah (GLO & University of Malaya)