GLO Fellows Niaz Asadullah & Maliki Achmad in Jakarta “Fighting Inequality”

GLO South-East Asia Cluster Head and Malaysia Lead Niaz Asadullah was participating in the Indonesia Development Forum (IDF) on “Fighting Inequality for Better Growth”, which took place in Jakarta on 9 and 10 August 2017. He spoke about the role of education in reducing inequality in Malaysia and participated in a panel discussion on multidimensional inequality.  GLO Fellow Dr Maliki had invited papers for presentation.
The Indonesia Development Forum (IDF), initiated by the Ministry of National Planning Agency/ BAPPENAS, is a platform for government, private sector, academia, and other members of society to collaborate for shaping development agendas.

At the conference: GLO Fellows Niaz Asadullah and Maliki Achmad next to Martin Ravallion (Georgetown University)

Again: GLO Fellows Niaz Asadullah and Maliki Achmad