GLO at the Transilvanian University in Brasov

The Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Administration within the Transilvania University of Brasov, in collaboration with the Bucharest-based Institute for Economic Forecasting within the National Institute for Economic Research “Costin C. Kiritescu” of the Romanian Academy had organized on 20-21 October 2017 in the Transilvania University Brasov the International Conference

„Inclusive and sustainable economic growth. Challenges, measures and solutions” (ISEG 2017).

Conference Program can be accessed here.

Among the many conference participants were GLO Fellows Monica Raileanu Szeles (Transilvania University of Brasov), Lucian Liviu Albu (Institute for Economic Forecasting), Francesco Pastore (University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli),  Aniruddha Mitra (Bard College) and GLO President Klaus F. Zimmermann (UNU-MERIT & Rockefeller Policy Fellow), who also provided paper presentations.

In his conference keynote on “Migration and Well-being”, Zimmermann dealt with the following issues:

(1) The Value of Mobility

(2) GDP or Happiness?

(3) Measurement of Happiness and Wellbeing

(4) Research Questions

(5) Migration and the Wellbeing of the Natives

(6) Wellbeing of Migrants and Conditions at Home

(7) Migrants Abroad and the Wellbeing of the Left Behind

(8) Conclusions and Challenges

His overview was based on the following key publications:

(5) Wellbeing of the Natives:

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(6) Migrants’ Wellbeing and Macroeconomic Conditions

Akay, O. Bargain and K. F. Zimmermann: Home Sweet Home? Macroeconomic Conditions in Home Countries and the Well-Being of Migrants, Journal of Human Resources, 52 (2017), 351-373.

(7) Migrants Abroad and the Wellbeing of the Left Behind


►A. Akay, C. Giulietti, J.D. Robalino and K. F. Zimmermann: Remittances and Well-Being among Rural-to-Urban Migrants in China, Review of Economics of the Household, 12 (2014), 517-546.

► M. Akgüc, C. Giulietti and K. F.Zimmermann: The RUMiC Longitudinal Survey: Fostering Research on Labor Markets in China, IZA Journal of Labor & Development, 2014, 3:5

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Social Remittances:

►M. Nikolova, M. Roman and K. F. Zimmermann: Left Behind but Doing Good? Civic Engagement in Two Post-Socialist Countries. Journal of Comparative Economics, 45 (2017), 658–684.


A GLO Session: Issues in Global Labor included:

“Overeducation wage penalty among Ph.D. holders: Does the field of study make the difference? An unconditional quantile regression analysis on Italian data”: Giuseppe Lucio Gaeta (University of Naples L’Orientale), Giuseppe Lubrano Lavadera (University of Salerno) and Francesco Pastore (University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli and GLO)

“Remittances and Income Inequality in Nigeria: A Quantile Regression Analysis”: James T. Bang (St. Ambrose University and GLO), Aniruddha Mitra (Bard College and GLO) and Phanindra V. Wunnava (Middlebury College and GLO)


The GLO international participants: From the left: Francesco Pastore (University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli and GLO),  Klaus F. Zimmermann (UNU-MERIT, GLO & Rockefeller Policy Fellow) and Aniruddha Mitra (Bard College and GLO).

First row from the left: Lucian Liviu Albu (Institute for Economic Forecasting and GLO), conference chair Monica Raileanu Szeles (Transilvania University of Brasov and GLO) and GLO President Klaus F. Zimmermann (UNU-MERIT & Rockefeller Policy Fellow)


Conference participants in front of the Transilvania University of Brasov