Life with Corona Study: ISDC invites survey participation.

The Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and the COVID-19 disease continue to spread across the world. A new Life with Corona study will provide valuable information for researchers studying the social and economic implications of the Coronavirus pandemic.
LINK to the survey website.

The project is led by GLO Fellow Tilman Brück and his International Security and Development Center (ISDC) in Berlin. ISDC and its Director Tilman Brück are long-term partners of the GLO. GLO congratulates ISDC and Director Brück for this important new initiative at difficult times.

Life with Corona Study 

Have you heard of the new Life with Corona Study?

It is an innovative citizen science project that will help us understand how the Corona crisis is changing our lives. The findings will deliver important insights for policy-makers and researchers into how to better manage and mitigate the crisis.

Based on cutting-edge methodologies, the survey captures the voices and sentiments of citizens around the world.

Be part of the survey now! Just fill in the questionnaire and please forward this call in your networks. The more people participate, the more we know!

#sharethesurveynotthevirus #lifewithcorona

LINK to the survey website.