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Centre for Workforce Futures, Macquarie University, has joined GLO Network

The Centre for Workforce Futures at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, has joined the network of institutions of the Global Labor Organization (GLO) following intensified research collaborations. Prestigious ARC Discovery Research Grant of the Australian Research Council (ARC) won.

The Centre for Workforce Futures is a collaborative hub connecting researchers from a wide range of disciplines and universities with government, industry, not-for-profit organizations and the broader community to undertake problem-focused research and thought leadership that addresses current and future economic and social challenges relating to work, working people, work organization and employment. Directors are Lucy Taksa and Daryll Hull of Macquarie University.

In November 2017, Klaus F. Zimmermann (UNU-MERIT & President of the Global Labor Organization, GLO) had been a Visiting Professor at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia and he has recently affiliated with Macquarie University further by accepting to join the Centre for Workforce Futures as an Associate Member. The Co-Director of the Centre, Lucy Taksa is also a Professor of Management and Associate Dean for Research of the Faculty of Business & Economics at Macquarie University, and a GLO Fellow.

A team of GLO Fellows affiliated with the Centre for Workforce Futures consisting of Chief Investigators Fei Guo, Lucy Taksa, Zhiming Cheng, Massimiliano Tani and Partner Investigators Lihua Liu (University of Southern California) and Klaus F. Zimmermann have recently won a very prestigious ARC Discovery Research Grant of the Australian Research Council (ARC) on “Demographic and Social Dimensions of Migrant Ageing and Wellbeing in Australia”.