The US-Mexican Wall: “Adam Ruins Everything” supported by GLO Fellow Doug Massey

GLO Fellow Douglas S. Massey is Henry G. Bryant Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs and Director, Office of Population Research, at Princeton University. He has published a large number of research papers on Mexican-US migration suggesting that the border protection activities in the past have increased illegal migration from Mexico  to the US because it stopped circular migration flows.

The new US government has now promised to build a wall to protect the US-Mexican border. This project was recently examined in the US TV show “Adam Ruins Everything“, explaining why the wall would increase migration.

Doug Massey recently made a cameo appearance on Adam Ruins Everything in a segment about the proposed border wall.

Doug Massey

See the IZA World of Labor article on “Circular Migration written by GLO President Klaus F. Zimmermann (and IZA’s Founding Director) for a broader analysis of the circular migration issues with a global perspective.