2018 meeting of Society of the Economics of the HOusehold (SEHO) will be held on May 23 and 24 at the Paris School of Economics

This advertises t​he​  Call for Papers ​of the 2018 meetings of the Society of Economics of the HOusehold (SEHO) to be  held at the Paris School of Economics on 23-24 May 2018.

In 2017, the Global Labor Organization (GLO) had supported the creation of SEHO by GLO Fellow Shoshana Grossbard. GLO President Klaus F. Zimmermann has been one of the keynote speakers at the first SEHO congress. In the Paris organizing and scientific committees a number of GLO Fellows are involved, including Francois Bourguignon, Elena Stancanelli, Arie Kapteyn, Daniele Paserman, and Arthur Van Soest.


The Society of Economics of the HOusehold (SEHO) was founded in 2017 by Shoshana Grossbard to promote the economic analysis of all outcomes of decision-making by household members, including child outcomes, consumption, savings, labor supply, and healthy and risky behaviors. The 2018 meetings of Society of the Economics of the HOusehold (SEHO) will be held on May 23 and 24 at the Paris School of Economics. The organizing committee includes Francois Bourguignon, Andrew Clark, Hippolyte d’Albis, Claudia Senik, and Elena Stancanelli.

The scientific committee includes Viola Angelini (Groningen University), Daniela del Boca (Collegio Carlo Alberto, Turin), Orla Doyle (University College Dublin), Arie Kapteyn (University of Southern California), Raphael Lalive (University of Lausanne), Daniele Paserman (Boston University), Valerie Ramey (University of California San Diego), Catherine Sofer (University Paris 1, Panthéon Sorbonne), and Arthur Van Soest (Tilburg University).

The keynote speakers are Lee Badgett (University of Massachussets, Amherst), Pierre-Andre Chiappori (Columbia University), Raquel Fernandez (New York University) and Shoshana Grossbard (San Diego State University).

Full papers submitted for presentation will be due by January 8th 2018. Each author can submit at most one paper. To submit a paper to the conference, send a mail to:


Please indicate your position and affiliation in the email’s subject. Emails that do not show the sender’s position and affiliation in the email’s heading will not be open.

Please attach your paper to the email and also report in the email:

The title of the paper;

A short summary (max 100 words);

Your affiliation, postal address, telephone and email;

At least 4 keywords, of which one chosen from the list below.

Keywords: marriage and divorce; children outcomes; labor supply; household production; savings and consumption; ageing; happiness and well-being; health economics; cultural economics; migration; domestic violence and crime.

 Incomplete emails not complying with these instructions will not be considered!

Authors will be notified whether the paper is accepted for presentation by January 30th 2018.