Environment and Human Capital

Abstract: Air pollution, water pollution and soil contamination have become widespread health hazards in developing countries. Emissions of climate-warming greenhouse gases are rapidly increasing, which intensifies their environmental health problems. While it has been well documented that pollution exposure increases health risks, much less is known about its impact on other key dimensions of human capital and well-being. The GLO Cluster on the Environment and Human Capital in Developing Countries will contribute to deepening current research on health impacts of environmental degradation. More importantly, the GLO Cluster aims to developing a research agenda on broader impacts of environment on human capital, such as hedonic happiness, life satisfaction, mental health and depression, cognitive functioning, educational outcomes, productivity and labor market outcomes, and economic activities. The GLO Cluster also aims to better understand the physiological and psychological pathways that may lead to these fundamental impacts. The GLO Cluster seeks to contribute to evidence-based policy making around the world.

Cluster Lead: Xi Chen