Recent Research Papers on the Chinese Labor Market

The School of Labor and Human Resources at Renmin University of China (Beijing) and the Global Labor Organization (GLO) currently organize a joint conference on the Chinese Labor Market. The place on 20 and 21 October 2018 at Renmin University of China, Beijing. On Sunday October 21, Klaus F. Zimmermann, the President of the Global Labor Organization (GLO) and Honorary Professor at Renmin University will give a keynote speech on “Recent Labor Market Research on China”. In his presentation, he will draw on three sources: (i) His own published recent research work in the area, (ii) papers made available in 2017 & 2018 through the prominent GLO Discussion Paper series and (iii) the papers on China published in 2017-2018 and online 2019 In the Journal of Population Economics. Zimmermann is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Population Economics, the leading global academic journal of this field.

Klaus F. Zimmermann


Relative Concerns of Rural-to-Urban Migrants in China, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 81 (2012), 421-441. (With A. Akay and O. Bargain.)

Self-Employment of Rural-to-Urban Migrants in China, International Journal of Manpower, 33 (2012), 96-117.  (With C. Giulietti and G. Ning.)

China’s Latent Human Capital Investment: Achieving Milestones and Competing for the Top, Journal of Contemporary China, 22 (2013), 109-130. (With A. Constant, B. Tien and J. Meng.)

The RUMiC Longitudinal Survey: Fostering Research on Labor Markets in China, IZA Journal of Labor and Development, 3 (2014) (With M. Akgüc and C. Giulietti.)

Remittances and Well-Being among Rural-to-Urban Migrants in China, Review of Economics of the Household, 12 (2014), 517-546. (With A. Akay, C. Giulietti and J.D. Robalino.)

Sibling Influence on the Human Capital of the Left Behind, Journal of Human Capital, 9 (2015), 403-438. (With C. Biavaschi and C. Giulietti.)

Remittances and Relative Concerns in Rural China, China Economic Review, 37 (2016), 191-207. (With A. Akay, O. Bargain, C. Guilietti and J. D. Robalino.)

Risk Attitudes and Migration, China Economic Review, 37 (2016), 166-176. (With M. Akgüc, X. Liu and M. Tani.)

B. RESEARCH PAPERS IN THE GLO DISCUSSION PAPER SERIES (DP numbers and links for free access): 2017 & 2018

Chi Chen, Yale University Zhong Zhao, Renmin University Michele Bruni, EU Expert

242 Unintended Consequences of China’s New Labor Contract Law on Unemployment and Welfare Loss of the WorkersDownload PDF
by Akee, Randall & Zhao, Liqiu & Zhao, Zhong

238 Returns to higher education subjects and tiers in China – Evidence from the China Family Panel StudiesDownload PDF
by Kang, Lili & Peng, Fei & Zhu, Yu

222 Ageing, the socioeconomic burden, labour market and migration. The Chinese case in an international perspectiveDownload PDF
by Bruni, Michele

204 The Power of the Government: China’s Family Planning Leading. Group and the Fertility Decline since 1970 – Download PDF
by Chen, Yi & Huang, Yingfei

177 Technological catching-up, sales dynamics and employment growth: evidence from China’s manufacturing firms – Download PDF
by Dosi, Giovanni & Yu, Xiaodan

159 Do Skewed Sex Ratios Among Children Promote Parental Smoking? Longitudinal Evidence from Rural China – Download PDF
by Chen, Xi

130 Do Migrant Students Affect Local Students’ Academic Achievements in Urban China? – Download PDF
by Wang, Haining & Cheng, Zhiming & Smyth, Russell

127 What Drives Spatial Clusters of Entrepreneurship in China? Evidence from Economic Census Data – Download PDF
by Zheng, Liang & Zhao, Zhong

120 Where Are Migrants from? Inter- vs. Intra-Provincial Rural-Urban Migration in China – Download PDF
by Su, Yaqin & Tesfazion, Petros & Zhao, Zhong

80 The Heterogeneous Impact of Pension Income on Elderly Living Arrangements: Evidence from China’s New Rural Pension Scheme – Download PDF
by Cheng, Lingguo & Liu, Hong & Zhang, Ye & Zhao, Zhong

56 Happiness in the Air: How Does a Dirty Sky Affect Mental Health and Subjective Well-being? – Download PDF
by Zhang, Xin & Zhang, Xiaobo & Chen, Xi

53 The Impact of Social Pensions on Intergenerational Relationships: Comparative Evidence from China Download the PDF
by Chen, Xi & Eggleston, Karen & Ang, Sun

37 On the exposure of the BRIC countries to global economic shocks  – Download PDF
by Belke, Ansgar & Dreger, Christian & Dubova, Irina

32 Smog in Our Brains: Gender Differences in the Impact of Exposure to Air Pollution on Cognitive Performance  – Download PDF
by Chen, Xi & Zhang, Xiaobo & Zhang, Xin


Journal of Population Economics

Three decades of publishing research in population economics by Alessio J. G. Brown & Klaus F. Zimmermann; Journal of Population Economics (2017) 30: 1, 11–27

Klaus F. Zimmermann, Report of the Editor-in-Chief, 2018

ONLINE forthcoming

How does internal migration affect the emotional health of elderly parents left-behind? By Juliane Scheffel, Yiwei Zhang

The dragon cohort of Hong Kong: traditional beliefs, demographics, and education by Yan Lau


Informal search, bad search?: The effects of job search method on wages among rural migrants in urban China by Yuanyuan Chen, Le Wang, Min Zhang; Vol. 31:3, 837-876

The intergenerational education spillovers of pension reform in China by Cheng Yuan, Chengjian Li, Lauren A. Johnston; Vol. 31:3, 671-701

Run away? Air pollution and emigration interests in China by Yu Qin, Hongjia Zhu; Vol. 31: 1, 235-266

The heterogeneous impact of pension income on elderly living arrangements: evidence from China’s new rural pension scheme by Lingguo Cheng, Hong Liu, Ye Zhang, Zhong Zhao; Vol. 31: 1, 155-192


Quality of migrant schools in China: evidence from a longitudinal study in Shanghai by Yuanyuan Chen, Shuaizhang Feng; Vol. 30:3, 1007-1034

Sibling gender composition’s effect on education: evidence from China by Xiaoyan Lei, Yan Shen, James P. Smith, Guangsu Zhou; Vol. 30:2, 569-590

China’s family planning policies and their labor market consequences by Fei Wang, Liqiu Zhao, Zhong Zhao; Vol 30:1, 31-68