September 8, 2019. Report on the GLO-EHERO Symposia in Granada/Spain

The 17th Conference of the International Society for Quality of Life (ISQOLS), which took place in Granada/Spain between September 4-7, 2019, featured two Well-being Symposia, co-organized by the Global Labor Organization (GLO) and the Erasmus Happiness Economics Research Organization (EHERO). Each session comprised three presentations, followed by comments by a dedicated discussant, and questions from the audience. Full program of the two GLO/EHERO symposia.

The first GLO/EHERO Symposium, chaired by Martijn Burger of EHERO, took place on September 6, 2019 and featured presentations by Dimitris Ballas (University of Groningen) and GLO Fellows Kelsey O’Connor (STATEC) & Martijn Hendriks (EHERO). O’Connor and Hendriks presented research on the subjective well-being consequences of labor migration and refugee asylum centers, respectively, while Ballas discussed novel methods for understanding the geographical distribution of happiness.

Chaired by GLO Fellow Milena Nikolova (The University of Groningen), the second GLO/EHERO Symposium on September 7, 2019 offered talks by GLO Fellows Carol Graham (The Brookings Institution/The University of Maryland, College Park), Spiros Stavropoulos (EHERO), and Milena Nikolova. Graham discussed her novel work on the consequences of hope, aspirations, and resilience and future outcomes, such as mortality and income growth. Stavroupoulos’ presentation concerned the implications of industrial change for life satisfaction and Nikolova discussed her research on the causes and consequences of meaningful work.

Both GLO/EHERO symposia were well-attended and a great success and the organizers hope to continue organizing them in future ISQOLS conferences. The next ISQOLS conference will take place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, between August 25-28, 2020.

Note: O’Connor’s paper “The effect of immigration on natives’ well-being in Europe” is available as a GLO Discussion Paper.

Kelsey O’Connor, Dimitris Ballas, Milena Nikolova, Martijn Burger & Martijn Hendriks