August 16, 2019. Announcing two joint GLO/EHERO Special Sessions on Well-being at the forthcoming ISQOLS conference in Granada.

On October 4-7, 2019 the 17th International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies (ISQOLS) Annual Conference takes place in Granada/Spain. Organized and chaired by Martijn Burger (EHERO) and Milena Nikolova (GLO), the conference exhibits the GLO/EHERO Well-being Symposium. The program is shown below.

GLO is the Global Labor Organization.
EHERO is the Erasmus Happiness Economics Research Organisation.

GLO/EHERO Well-being Symposium I

Date, time, location: 6 September 9:00-10:30, Room 12
Chair: Martijn Burger

  • Kelsey J. O’Connor: The effect of immigration on natives’ well-being in Europe
    Discussant: Dimitris Ballas
  • Martijn Hendriks: The impact of refugee resettlement on native well-being
    Discussant: Kelsey O’Connor
  • Dimitris Ballas: The Spatial Economics of Happiness
    Discussant: Martijn Hendriks

GLO/EHERO Well-being Symposium II
Date, time, location: 7 September, 11:00-12:30, Room 15
Chair: Milena Nikolova

  • Carol Graham: Does Hope Lead to Better Futures? Evidence from a Survey of the Aspirations and Life Choices of Young Adults in Peru
    Discussant: Spyridon Stavropoulos 
  • Spyridon Stavropoulos: The impact of industrial change on subjective well-being: evidence from European regions
    Discussant: Milena Nikolova
  • Milena Nikolova: What makes work meaningful and why economists should care about it
    Discussant: Carol Graham