Well-Being 2022: Knowledge for informed decisions. A Conference Report.

The GLO-sponsored conference Well-Being 2022: Knowledge for informed decisions has recently concluded. From June 1st to 4th, approximately 90 speakers from around the world came together in Luxembourg to discuss the quest for better lives.

Hosted by STATEC Research, the organizing team included GLO Fellows Francesco Sarracino and Kelsey O’Connor and was supported by an international Scientific Committee, including among others, GLO Fellows Milena Nikolova (GLO Cluster Lead Happiness) and Stephanie Rossouw.

Participants addressed questions such as: How do we promote well-being? What are the best policies? What is the role for civil society? How can these insights help us to address the environmental, social, and economic challenges of today and the future? Additional topics pertaining primarily to subjective well-being more generally were also presented.

For details, see the program here. For recordings of the main events, see STATEC Research’s YouTube page here

In addition to 26 parallel sessions, the event included: opening remarks from the Minister of the Economy (Franz Fayot); a round table discussion on how policy-makers can integrate the findings from well-being studies (including panelists from Luxembourg, Martijn Burger (Erasmus Happiness Economics Research Organization (EHERO)), Nancy Hey (What Works Centre for Wellbeing), and Katherine Scrivens (OECD)); a presentation of the new PIBien-etre Report about quality of life in Luxembourg, by Serge Allegrezza (Director of STATEC); an opening talk from a civil society activist (author and filmmaker, John De Graaf); a workshop on the World Database of Happiness by its creator Ruut Veenhoven; four keynote speeches by Stefano Bartolini, Andrew Clark, Carol Graham, and Andrew Oswald; and a very lively and fun social dinner.

We encourage you to share widely in hopes that collectively we can turn some of this momentum into change. You can see STATEC Research’s updates, including those pertaining to their seminar series, on their LinkedIn page here.

The Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR), Caritas Luxembourg, and International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies (ISQOLS) also sponsored the event. For complete details, see the website https://www.wellbeing2022.lu.