The Economics of Population Aging

Now the key resource of the field!

Handbook of the Economics of Population Aging, Volumes 1A and 1B

Edited by GLO – Fellows John Piggott and Alan Woodland. Both are at the Australian School of Business, University of New South Wales,  Australia.

  • Dissolves the barriers between policymakers and scholars by presenting comprehensive portraits of social and theoretical issues
  • Synthesizes valuable data on the topic from a variety of journals dating back to the late 1970s in a convenient, comprehensive resource
  • Presents diverse perspectives on subjects that can be closely associated with national and regional concerns
  • Offers comprehensive, critical reviews and expositions of the essential aspects of the economics of population aging

Handbook of the Economics of Population Aging synthesizes the economic literature on aging and the subjects associated with it, including social insurance and healthcare costs, both of which are of interest to policymakers and academics. These volumes, the first of a new subseries in the Handbooks in Economics, describe and analyze information from general economics journals, from various field journals in economics, especially, but not exclusively, those covering labor markets and human resource issues, from interdisciplinary social science and life science journals, and from papers by economists published in journals associated with gerontology, history, sociology, political science, and demography, among others.

Table of Contents

Volume A

  1. The Global Demography of Ageing: Facts, Explanations, Future: David E. Bloom and Dara Lee Luca
  2. Macroeconomics, Aging and Growth: Ronald Lee
  3. Migration and Demographic Shift:  Anzelika Zaiceva and Klaus F. Zimmermann
  4. Global Demographic Trends: Consumption, Saving and International Capital Flows: Orazio Attanasio, Andrea Bonfatti, Sagiri Kitao and Guglielmo Weber
  5. Insurance Markets for the Elderly: Hanming Fang
  6. Intergenerational Risk Sharing: Roel Beetsma and Ward Romp
  7. The Political Economy of Population Ageing: Georges Casamatta and Loïc Batté

Volume B

  1. Retirement Incentives and Labor Supply: Richard Blundell, Eric French and Gemma Tetlow
  2. Investing and Portfolio Allocation for Retirement: Barbara Kaschützke and Raimond Maurer
  3. Conflict and Cooperation within the Family, and between the State and the Family, in the Provision of Old-Age Security: Alessandro Cigno
  4. Complex Decision Making: The Roles of Cognitive Limitations, Cognitive Decline and Ageing: Michael Keane and Susan Thorp
  5. Taxation, Pensions and Demographic Change: Alan Woodland
  6. Social Security and Public Insurance: Axel Börsch-Supan, Klaus Härtl and Nuno Leite
  7. Workplace-Linked Pensions for an Aging Demographic: Olivia S. Mitchell and John Piggott
  8. Poverty and Aging: Joseph Marchand and Timothy Smeeding
  9. Health and Long-Term Care: Edward C. Norton
  10. The HRS around the World Surveys: Loretti Isabella Dobrescu and James P. Smith

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