GLO Discussion Paper of the Month December 2019: Smartphone Use and Academic Performance

The GLO Discussion Paper of the Month of December uses longitudinal data to investigate the relationship between smartphone use and academic performance in universities. It suggests that smartphone use has a causal negative effect on academic performance. The paper makes a significant contribution to current policy debates around the world, on whether smartphones should be banned from schools. 

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GLO Discussion Paper of the Month: December

GLO Discussion Paper No.  438, 2019

Smartphone Use and Academic Performance: First Evidence from Longitudinal Data –  Download PDF
by Amez, Simon & Vujić, Sunčica & De Marez, Lieven & Baert, Stijn

GLO Fellows Stijn Baert & Sunčica Vujić

Author Abstract:  To study the causal impact of smartphone use on academic performance, we collected—for the first time worldwide—longitudinal data on students’ smartphone use and educational performance. For three consecutive years we surveyed all students attending classes in eleven different study programs at two Belgian universities on general smartphone use and other drivers of academic achievement. These survey data were merged with the exam scores of these students. We analyzed the resulting data by means of panel data random effects estimation controlling for unobserved individual characteristics. A one standard deviation increase in overall smartphone use results in a decrease of 0.349 points (out of 20) and a decrease of 2.616 percentage points in the fraction of exams passed.

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438 Smartphone Use and Academic Performance: First Evidence from Longitudinal Data –  Download PDF
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