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GLO Discussion Papers are research and policy papers of the GLO Network which are widely circulated to encourage discussion. Provided in cooperation with EconStor, a service of the ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics, GLO Discussion Papers are among others listed in RePEc (see IDEAS, EconPapers). Complete list of all GLO DPs downloadable for free.

GLO Discussion Paper of the Month: May

Nikolova, Milena; Nikolaev, Boris N., Family matters: involuntary parental unemployment during childhood and subjective well-being later in life, GLO Discussion Paper No. 212, May 2018. Free download.

Abstract: We are the first to examine how parental unemployment experienced during early-, mid- and late-childhood affects adult life satisfaction. Using German household panel data, we find that parental unemployment induced by plant closures and experienced during early (0-5 years) and late (11-15 years) childhood leads to lower life satisfaction at ages 18-31. Nevertheless, parental unemployment can also have a positive effect depending on the age and gender of the child. Our results are robust even after controlling for local unemployment, individual and family characteristics, parental job loss expectations, financial resources, and parents’ working time when growing up. These findings imply that the adverse effects associated with parental unemployment experienced at a young age tend to last well into young adulthood and are more nuanced than previously thought.

GLO Discussion Papers of May 2018

213 Microsimulation Analysis of Optimal Income Tax Reforms. An Application to New Zealand – Download PDF
by Creedy, John & Gemmell, Norman & Hérault, Nicolas & Mok, Penny

212 Family matters: involuntary parental unemployment during childhood and subjective well-being later in life – Download PDF
by Nikolova, Milena & Nikolaev, Boris N.

211 Just Like A Woman? New Comparative Evidence on the Gender Income Gap across Eastern Europe and Central Asia – Download PDF
by Blunch, Niels-Hugo

210 National Identity under Economic Integration – Download PDF
by Chiang, Chun-Fang & Liu, Jin-Tan & Wen, Tsai-Wei

209 A nudge to quit? The effect of a change in pension information on annuitization, labor supply and retirement choices among older workers – Download PDF
by Hagen, Johannes & Hallberg, Daniel & Sjögren Lindquist, Gabriella

208 The Last of the Lost Generations? Formal and Non-Formal Education in Ghana during Times of Economic Decline and Recovery – Download PDF
by Blunch, Niels-Hugo & Hammer, Jeffrey S.

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