GLO launches the GLO Clusters

The GLO and its GLO Network launch the GLO Research and Policy Clusters and the GLO Country Leads.

In line with the GLO’s philosophy the GLO clusters live through the initiative, active involvement and collaborative contributions of the GLO Network. The GLO has thematic research and policy cluster and geographical country leads.

GLO Research and Policy Clusters

GLO Research and Policy Clusters are thematic areas of research, research collaboration, evidence-based policy advice and dissemination of the GLO global network and virtual platform. The GLO Research and Policy Clusters address specific topics in research and challenges for policy, businesses and society within the GLO focus on global labor markets, demographic challenges and human resources.

The first 11 GLO Research and Policy Clusters are:

Cluster Cluster Lead
Economics of Brexit Jonathan Portes
Economics of Happiness Alpaslan Akay
Employment Structural Transitions      John Haisken-Denew
EU Mobility Martin Kahanec 
Gender, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation and Labor Market Outcomes Nick Drydakis
Labor in Conflict, Fragile and Emergency Areas Tilman Brück 
Labor Markets and Redistributive Policies Olivier Bargain
Labor Reform Policies Marco Leonardi
School-to-Work Transitions Francesco Pastore
Southeast Asia Lead Niaz Asadullah
Technological Change and the Labor Market: Employment, Skills, and Wages Marco Vivarelli


GLO Country Lead

The GLO Country Lead is appointed for countries with GLO Activities or a large GLO Network. The GLO Country Lead is the national representative of the GLO, initiates GLO Activities in the respective country and acts as the national anchor and contact person for the GLO Network.

Country Lead
Italy Francesco Pastore
Malaysia Niaz Asadullah
Portugal Pedro Nuno Teixeira