GLO Papers January 2018; GLO has published 175 Discussion Papers Since March 2017

Titles and free access/links to GLO Discussion Papers: January 2018

GLO Discussion Papers are research and policy papers of the GLO Network which are widely circulated to encourage discussion. Provided in cooperation with EconStor, a service of the ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics, GLO Discussion Papers are among others listed in RePEc (see IDEAS, EconPapers). Complete list of all GLO DPs downloadable for free.

175 Public Opinion and Immigration: Who Favors Employment Discrimination against Immigrants? – Download PDF
by Cooray, Arusha & Marfouk, Abdeslam & Nazir, Maliha

174 I’m Neither Racist nor Xenophobic, but: Dissecting European Attitudes towards a Ban on Muslims’ Immigration – Download PDF
by Marfouk, Abdeslam

173 The Signal of Applying for a Job Under a Vacancy Referral Scheme – Download PDF
by Van Belle, Eva & Caers, Ralf & De Couck, Marijke & Di Stasio, Valentina & Baert, Stijn

172 Alternatives to Polynomial Trend-Corrected Differences-In-Differences Models – Download PDF
by Vandenberghe, Vincent

171 A fuzzy approach to measuring violence against women and its severity – Download PDF
by Bettio, Francesca & Ticci, Elisa & Betti, Gianni

170 A contribution to the theory of fertility and economic development – Download PDF
by Gori, Luca & Sodini, Mauro

169 Heterogeneous Effects of Credit Constraints on SMEs’ Employment: Evidence from the Great Recession – Download PDF
by Cornille, David & Rycx, François & Tojerow, Ilan

168 What if supply-side policies are not enough? The perverse interaction of exibility and austerity – Download PDF
by Dosi, Giovanni & Pereira, Marcelo C. & Roventini, Andrea & Virgillito, Maria Enrica

167 The Inter-generational Fertility Effect of an Abortion Ban: Understanding the Role of Inherited Wealth and Preferences – Download PDF
by Gutierrezy, Federico H.

166 A Sharing Model of the Household: Explaining the Deaton-Paxson Paradox and Computing Household Indifference Scales – Download PDF
by Gutierrezy, Federico H.

165 If not now, when? The timing of childbirth and labour market outcomes – Download PDF
by Picchio, Matteo & Pigini, Claudia & Staffolani, Stefano & Verashchagina, Alina

164 Financial stress and Indigenous Australians – Download PDF
by Breunig, Robert & Hasan, Syed & Hunter, Boyd

163 Fertility and Population Policy – Download PDF
by Ouedraogo, Abdoulaye & Tosun, Mehmet S. & Yang, Jingjing

162 Returns to Education and Female Work Force Participation Nexus: Evidence from India – Download PDF
by Kanjilal-Bhaduri, Sanghamitra & Pastore, Francesco

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