GLO Virtual Seminar with Mathilde Maurel on “The economic impact of decentralized electrification projects”. Report & Video of the Event.

The GLO Virtual Seminar is a monthly internal GLO research event chaired by GLO Director Matloob Piracha and hosted by the GLO partner institution University of Kent. The results are available on the GLO website and the GLO News section, where also the videos of the presentations are posted. All GLO related videos are also available in the GLO YouTube channel. (To subscribe go there.)

The December 2, 2021 seminar in the series was given on London/UK time at 1-2 pm, by Mathilde Maurel (CNRS, FERDI and GLO). See below for a report and the full video of the seminar.


A new approach for evaluation of the economic impact of decentralized electrification projects

GLO Virtual Seminar on December 2, 2021

Mathilde Maurel (CNRS, FERDI and GLO)

Video of the Seminar.