Re: Compliance with GDPR about GLO “Membership”

Dear GLO Fellow or Affiliate:

You have registered yourself at the GLO website through an own account. To comply with GDPR, we herewith remind you about this.

The information you have provided to us is based on this form:

The key information from this is provided online visible. You can visit, access and change content through your personal account.

You do NOT receive the GLO News regularly through bulk emails, only if we find something VERY IMPORTANT.

Hence, if you wish to receive the GLO News regularly, you need to register separately for the GLO News. We do not want to flood your email account. If we will create other products of the type, we will request separate registrations.

If urgently needed, we will send general emails to all of you to inform you about important developments.

We use the provided information uniquely to identify you as a member of the network, a user of the website and a potential partner for all our announced network activities. By voluntarily registering the account, you are consenting to the storage and use of your data for GLO purposes.

Such purposes are typically listed at the website and include the bio you are providing, events, the GLO DP series, special journal issues and the cluster activities. We make your data visible and usable for others in our all joint interest. We do not give your data away to others in a different way.

You can unsubscribe from our communications through the link at the bottom of every email. Note, however, that by unsubscribing you may miss important information for you.

Please get in touch with me if there is anything unclear or you need further information:

With best wishes

Klaus F. Zimmerman
GLO President