April 2024: New GLO Discussion Papers. Free to Access.

New research from the GLO network free to access: 17 Discussion Papers on responses to cyclones, automation, teleworkable jobs, eating behaviors, female entrepreneurs, corporate social responsibility, migrants and the natives, migration and consumption, job satisfaction, life satisfaction, world inequality database, intimate partner abuse, and solar cycles, among other issues.

New Research DPs April 2024

1426 Residential responses to cyclones: New evidence from Australia  Download PDF
by Nguyen, Ha Trong & Mitrou, Francis

1425 Automation and flexible labor contracts: Firm-level evidence from Italy  Download PDF
by Traverso, Silvio & Vatiero, Massimiliano & Zaninotto, Enrico

1424 Assessing Long-Run Price Convergence in Retailing  Download PDF
by Borraz, Fernando & Zipitría, Leandro

1423 A neglected determinant of eating behaviors: Relative age  Download PDF
by Fumarco, Luca & Hartmann, Sven A. & Principe, Francesco

1422 Does gender of firm ownership matter? Female entrepreneurs and the gender pay gap  Download PDF
by Kritikos, Alexander S. & Maliranta, Mika & Nippala, Veera & Nurmi, Satu

1421 Corporate Social Responsibility: A theory of the firm revisited with environmental issues  Download PDF
by Buccella, Domenico & Fanti, Luciano & Gori, Luca

1420 Do migrants displace native-born workers on the labour market? The impact of workers’ origin  Download PDF
by Fays, Valentine & Mahy, Benoît & Rycx, François

1419 Overeducation, Overskilling and Job Satisfaction in Europe: The Moderating Role of Employment Contracts  Download PDF
by Giuliano, Romina & Mahy, Benoît & Rycx, François & Vermeylen, Guillaume

1418 Labour Market Performance of Immigrants: New Evidence from Linked Administrative Data  Download PDF
by Kaya, Ezgi

1417 Wealth Inequality and Economic Growth: Evidence from the World Inequality Database  Download PDF
by Steenbrink, Rachel & Skali, Ahmed

1416 Gini who? The relationship between inequality perceptions and life satisfaction  Download PDF
by Marchesi, Daniele & Nikolova, Milena & Angelini, Viola

1415 Did COVID-19 (permanently) raise the demand for “teleworkable” jobs?  Download PDF
by Bratti, Massimiliano & Brunetti, Irene & Corvasce, Alessandro & Maida, Agata & Ricci, Andrea

1414 Does redistribution hurt growth? An Empirical Assessment of the Redistribution-Growth Relationship in the European Union  Download PDF
by Christl, Michael & De Poli, Silvia & Köppl-Turyna, Monika

1413 Intimate Partner Abuse and Child Health  Download PDF
by Bharati, Tushar & Mavisakalyan, Astghik & Vu, Loan

1412 Migration and Consumption  Download PDF
by Misuraca, Roberta & Zimmermann, Klaus F.

1411 Country Statistical Capacity: A Recent Assessment Tool and Further Reflections on the Way Forward  Download PDF
by Dang, Hai-Anh H. & Jolliffe, Dean & Serajuddin, Umar & Stacy, Brian

1410 Solar cycles and time allocation of children and adolescents  Download PDF
by Nguyen, Ha Trong & Zubrick, Stephen R. & Mitrou, Francis