Inequality and Public Policy in Asia. Session as part of the GLO Global Conference 2022 on December 3. Details.

The online session Inequality and Public Policy in Asia was part of the 2022 GLO Global Conference (1-3 December 2022) scheduled for December 3 (1-3 am CET Berlin = 8-10 am Malaysia) free to participate through Zoom link without prior registration.

Updated December 7, 2022.

Session Overview: This session brings scholars from Southeast Asia to deliberate on the state of income inequality in the region. Papers selected are part of a GLO special issue edited by GLO SE Asia Cluster Lead, in collaboration with Jurnal Ekonomi Malaysia. The session will be also attended by all other contributors to the Special Issue as well as Chief Editor of the Jurnal Ekonomi Malaysia and other members of the editorial team.

Chair & Moderator: M Niaz Asadullah, Monash University Malaysia

Date:               03 Dec (Saturday) 2022

Schedule:        8-10 am Malaysia (6-8 am Bangladesh; 12-2 am UK; 1-3 am Germany)

8.00-8.10 am (Malaysia time)Opening remarks: Guest Editor of JEM special issueInequality & Public Policy in Asia  
8.10-8.30 am (Malaysia time)Paper 1: The Resurgence of Income Inequality in Asia-Pacific: The Role of Trade Openness, Educational Attainment and Institutional Quality  Presenter: Sharon Koh Geok May Monash University Malaysia   Email:
8.30-8.50 am (Malaysia time)Paper 2: Structural Transformation, Income Inequality, and Government Expenditure: Evidence from International Panel DataPresenter: Wannaphong Durongkaveroj, Ramkhamhaeng University, Thailand   Email:  
8.50-9.10 am (Malaysia time)Paper 3: What Does Data on Functional Income Distribution Tell Us About Trends in and Correlates of Income Inequality in the Asia-Pacific?            Presenter: Selim Raihan, Dhaka University & SANEM, Bangladesh
9.10-9.30 am (Malaysia time)Paper 4: The Spanish Flu Pandemic and Income Distribution in Java: Lessons from the 1920sPresenter: A. Gunadi Brata, Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University, Indonesia   Email:  
9.30-9.50 am (Malaysia time)Q&A Session 
9.50-9.55 am (Malaysia time)Group Photo Session     
9.55-10.00 am (Malaysia time)Closing remarks: Editor-in-Chief of JEM  Dr Mariani Abdul-Majid Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia   Email: