Journal of Population Economics appoints three additional Editors and 11 new Associate Editors.

The Journal of Population Economics (JoPE) has announced the appointment of three additional editors (Xi Chen, Kompal Sinha & Milena Nikolova) and eleven new Associate Editors (Cynthia BansakLisa Cameron, German Blanco, Carolina CastillaHugo JalesFabian KindermannMarie-Louise LerouxSubha ManiAstghik MavisakalyanEmmanuel Thibault, and Myra Yazbeck). Journal and publisher have expressed their huge gratitude to those Associate Editors who have left the team recently for their strong support over the years.  Orley Ashenfelter, Kaushik Basu, David Card, Barry R. Chiswick, Janet Currie, James J. Heckman, and Giovanni Peri continue to support JoPE as members of the newly created JoPE Advisory Board.

For more details and the full Editorial Team see: LINK