March 2024: New GLO Discussion Papers. Free to Access.

New research from the GLO network free to access: 11 Discussion Papers on artificial intelligence, migration, refugees, gender, inclusive labor markets, stoicism, elderly parents, dementia, hockey, China, among others.

New Research DPs March 2024

1409 “Bad Jobs” in “Good Industries”: The Precarious Employment of Migrant Workers in the Manufacturing Sector of the Emilia-Romagna Region  Download PDF
by Landini, Fabio & Rinaldi, Riccardo

1408 Artificial Intelligence Capital and Employment Prospects  Download PDF
by Drydakis, Nick

1407 Breaking the Divide: Can Public Spending on Social Infrastructure Boost Female Employment in Italy?  Download PDF
by Reljic, Jelena & Zezza, Francesco

1406 Fiscal policy instruments for inclusive labour markets: A review  Download PDF
by Ernst, Ekkehard & Merola, Rossana & Reljic, Jelena

1405 Stoicism and the Tragedy of the Commons  Download PDF
by Ponthiere, Gregory

1404 Can AI Bridge the Gender Gap in Competitiveness?  Download PDF
by Mourelatos, Evangelos & Zervas, Panagiotis & Lagios, Dimitris & Tzimas, Giannis

1403 How China’s “Later, Longer, Fewer” Campaign Extends Life Expectancy: A Study of Intergenerational Support for Elderly Parents  Download PDF
by Bansak, Cynthia & Dziadula, Eva & Wang, Sophie Xuefei

1402 Healthcare Quality and Dementia Risk  Download PDF
by Aravena, José M. & Chen, Xi & Levy, Becca R.

1401 Strategic Behaviours in a Labour Market with Mobility-Restricting Contractual Provisions: Evidence from the National Hockey League  Download PDF
by Fumarco, Luca & Longley, Neil & Palermo, Alberto & Rossi, Giambattista

1400 Estimating the wage premia of refugee immigrants: Lessons from Sweden  Download PDF
by Baum, Christopher F. & Lööf, Hans & Stephan, Andreas & Zimmermann, Klaus F.

1399 The Wage Effects of Polytechnic Degrees: Evidence from the 1999 China Higher Education Expansion  Download PDF
by Dai, Li & Martins, Pedro S.