May 2024: New GLO Discussion Papers. Free to Access.

New research from the GLO network free to access: 12 Discussion Papers on Russian migrants, dementia risks, domestic violence, new farming practices, natural disasters, morality of markets, health insurance, overeducation, mental health, work orientation, food security, and overeducation, among other issues.

New Research DPs May 2024

1438 Beyond the Stigma of War: Russian Migrants in Kazakhstan’s Labour Market Download PDF
by Abdulla, Kanat & Mourelatos, Evangelos

1437 Children’s Residential Proximity, Spousal Presence and Dementia Risk Download PDF
by Lin, Zhuoer & Yin, Xuecheng & Levy, Becca R. & Yuan, Yue & Chen, Xi

1436 Her Job, her Safety? Domestic Violence and Women’s Economic Empowerment: Evidence from Ethiopia Download PDF
by Bedaso, Fenet Jima

1435 Access to Information and Adoption of New Farming Practices: A Spatial Analysis Download PDF
by Kulshreshtha, Shobhit

1434 Natural disasters and the demand for health insurance Download PDF
by Ha Trong Nguyen & Mitrou, Francis

1433 The Morality of Markets. A Comment Download PDF
by Ponthiere, Gregory & Stevens, Nicolas

1432 Identifying the effects of health insurance coverage on health care use when coverage is misreported and endogenous Download PDF
by Ha Trong Nguyen & Le, Huong Thu & Blyth, Christopher & Connelly, Luke & Mitrou, Francis

1431 The Returns to Education and the Wage Effect from Overeducation in Trinidad and Tobago: A Pseudo-Panel Approach Download PDF
by Doon, Roshnie & Scicchitano, Sergio

1430 COVID-19 Lockdown, Home Environment, Lifestyles, and Mental Health among Preschoolers in China Download PDF
by Zhang, Yunting & Zhao, Jin & Yu, Zhangsheng & Wang, Guanghai & Zhang, Jun & Jiang, Fan & Wu, Saishuang & Zhang, Yue & Zhang, Donglan & Chen, Xi

1429 Loud or quiet quitting? The influence of work orientations on effort and turnover Download PDF
by Nikolova, Milena

1428 Contract Farming and Food Security in Developing Economies: A Framework Model for Spillover Impact Download PDF
by Das, Gouranga G. & Bhattacharya, Ranajoy

1427 Immigrant overeducation across two generations: The role of gender and part-time work Download PDF
by Pineda-Hernández, Kevin & Rycx, François & Volral, Mélanie