Working from home and local labour markets. Call for papers for a special session: XLIV AISRe Conference in Naples, 6-8 September 2023.

Deadline for submitting abstracts: 28 February 2023. The GLO-supported session is co-organized by GLO Italy Country Lead Sergio Scicchitano (INAPP, GLO, and John Cabot University).

CALL FOR PAPERS: XLIV AISRe Conference in Naples, 6-8 September 2023

Special Session: SO.11 Working from home and local labour markets

Convenors: Ilaria Mariotti (DAStU-Politecnico di Milano), Federica Rossi (DAStU-Politecnico di Milano), Sergio Scicchitano (INAPP, GLO, and John Cabot University), Giuseppe Croce (Sapienza Università di Roma).

The rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly affected the way people live and work, revealing itself both as a health and a socioeconomic crisis. Specifically, we have witnessed a change in the place of work: due to the movement restrictions, working from home (WFH) has massively grown. As the emerging scientific literature is pointing out, this has had numerous impacts on the local labour markets.

This special session aims at debating this issue across different perspectives: WFH impacts on workers, employers and territories.

Specifically, we welcome submissions interested in, but not limited to, the following research questions:

  • Does WFH increase the workers’ productivity (both before and during the pandemic)?
  • How does WFH change employees’ work-life balance?   
  • Are there different impacts of WFH on private companies and public administration in terms of business models, location choices, organization of offices and new workspaces?
  • Have large metropolitan cities become ghost towns?
  • Do peripheral areas gain remote workers?
  • Has WFH changed the geography of labour?

To submit an abstract, we ask for a brief description of the theme and content you would like to present (max 250 words). The abstract should also include a (working) title, up to 5 keywords, your name, and your co-authors, if applicable. Remember to indicate your interest in submitting for special session SO.11.

We appreciate a maximum of two abstract submissions per person.

Upload your abstract online until 28 February 2023.
Learn more, and submit your abstract: 


Deadline for submitting abstracts: 28 February 2023
Decision notification: 31 March 2023
Registration at early bird fee: 31 May 2023  
Registration at a full fee: 20 June 2023   
Programme publication on the website: 20 July 2023 (based on paid registrations)
XLIV AISRe Conference: 6-8 September 2023

Related research

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Featured image: Charles-Deluvio-on-Unsplash