Change of Editor at the Journal of Population Economics: Interview with Junsen Zhang on journal editing.

Junsen Zhang ( Chinese University of Hong Kong) has been one of the editors of the Journal of Population Economics since 2001. After 19 years of dedicated work he moves on to work as one of the co-editors of the Journal of Human Resources. To enable a smooth transition, his position was already filled earlier this year by appointing Shuaizhang Feng (Jinan University). The whole editorial team is very grateful for the strong and very successful collaboration with Junsen Zhang for nearly two decades and wish him all the best for his future. Although he leaves his position on December 31 this year, the editorial team still looks forward to further collaborations with him. Alessandro Cigno (University of Florence) and Oded Galor (Brown University) remain in their positions as editors. Editor-in-Chief Klaus F. Zimmermann thanked Junsen Zhang for his inspiring and effective work which helped significantly to establish the high reputation and impact the Journal has today. Zimmermann expressed also his gratefulness for a long-term friendship and the insightful advice he received from him over the years.

On this occasion, we publish an interview with Junsen Zhang on journal editing.

Question: What motivates a productive researcher like you to act as a journal editor?
Junsen Zhang: I view it as a social responsibility with an honor.

Question: What is your current research focus and how does this relates to your editorial role?
Junsen Zhang: Family economics. I have been handling submissions related to that, especially with applications to China.

Question: Is the profession publishing too much?
Junsen Zhang: To the extent that many papers are not highly cited, perhaps the economics profession is publishing too much. But ex ante, we are not very sure which papers would be highly cited, so we need to publish more. Also, the rejection rates for most economics journals are still extremely high. Thus, overall, I do not think the publishing amount is excessive.

Question: What makes in your view a good academic journal?
Junsen Zhang: Good editors to have sound judgement on high quality, impactful research, and a fast review and publication process.

Question: What are the current trends in the journal business?
Junsen Zhang: More evidence-based research with good theoretical or conceptual underpinning, moving away from lengthy papers, and fast turnaround.

With GLO Fellow Junsen Zhang spoke Klaus F. Zimmermann, GLO President & Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Population Economics.

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