Journal of Population Economics: Issue 1, 2021 published and Webinar on November 19, 2020.

Issue 1, 2021 of the Journal of Population Economics is already published online. See below the list of articles and access links to read the contributions.

November 19, 2020 (Thursday); (2-5 pm CET):
Journal of Population Economics Online Workshop (Webinar).
Hosted by UNU-MERIT. Maastricht .
Open to the general public.
Mark your calendar. Detailed agenda and registration information will be provided in time through the GLO & POP @ UNU-MERIT websites.

Presentation of the Kuznets Prize 2021
Highlights of Issue 1/2021
– Lead article
– 4 articles on Covid-19
Meeting with the authors, prize winners and editors.

Štěpán Jurajda & Dejan Kovač: Names and behavior in a warREADLINK:

Lixing Li, Xiaoyu Wu & Yi Zhou: Intra-household bargaining power, surname inheritance, and human capital accumulationREADLINK:
Gigi Foster & Leslie S. Stratton: Does female breadwinning make partnerships less healthy or less stable?READLINK:

Jakub Lonsky: Does immigration decrease far-right popularity? Evidence from Finnish municipalities — OPEN ACCESS: PDF
Sandra V. Rozo, Therese Anders & Steven Raphael: Deportation, crime, and victimizationREADLINK:
Cristina Bellés-Obrero, Nicolau Martin Bassols & Judit Vall Castello: Safety at work and immigration — OPEN ACCESS: PDF

COVID-19 (Springer presents all Covid-19 articles open accessible)
Fabio Milani: COVID-19 outbreak, social response, and early economic effects: a global VAR analysis of cross-country interdependencies — OPEN ACCESSIBLE; READLINK:
Domenico Depalo: True COVID-19 mortality rates from administrative data — OPEN ACCESSIBLE; READLINK:
Luca Bonacini, Giovanni Gallo & Fabrizio Patriarca: Identifying policy challenges of COVID-19 in hardly reliable data and judging the success of lockdown measures — OPEN ACCESSIBLE; READLINK:
Luca Bonacini, Giovanni Gallo & Sergio Scicchitano: Working from home and income inequality: risks of a ‘new normal’ with COVID-19 — OPEN ACCESSIBLE; READLINK:

2021 Kuznets Prize awarded to Yun Qiu, Xi Chen, and Wei Shi