Operating from Medellin and the World Congress of the International Economics Association (IEA).

Medellin, EAFIT December 11-15, 2023. World Congress of the International Economics Association (IEA) with over 1,000 participants from all parts of the world. Fantastic organization, up to the highest standards both form the local setting as well as from the quality of the academic program. Congratulations to EAFIT & IEA for an outstanding conference.

GLO President Klaus F. Zimmermann is participating to represent GLO at the Executive Board and Council Meeting of IEA, speak with authors and potential contributors of the Journal of Population Economics as its Editor-in-Chief and presenting some of his research on “Parental Gender Stereotypes and Student Wellbeing in China”.

The GLO President was just recently elected Senator of Leopoldina and Chair (“Obmann”) of its Section 25 “Economics and Empirical Social Sciences” starting on December 13, 2023 for a period of 4 years. Leopoldina originated in 1652 as a classical scholarly society and is the German National Academy of Sciences. It complements his earlier work as Section Chair of the Section “Economics, Business and Management Sciences”, Academia Europaea, the European Academy of Sciences, over 2014 – 2021.

Below: left Andreu Mas-Colell; middle Ashwini Deshpande; right: Steven Durlauf, John Earle, Kaushik Basu, Martin Kahanec