GLO President gave a luncheon keynote on December 5 to a large international conference on ‘Vocational Education and Training Development’ in Beijing/China

GLO President Klaus F. Zimmermann started his December visit to Beijing on December 5 to participate in a one-day event on:

For the Future: International Conference on Vocational Education and Training Development

The event took place in the Conference Center, Beijing International Hotel, Beijing/China. It was hosted by the China Development Research Foundation (CDRF) and The Chinese Society of Technical and Vocational Education (CSTVE) and supervised by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and the Development Research Center of the State Council.

Next to following an intensive program with over 300 participants, Zimmermann was the Luncheon Keynote Speaker on the topic “Vocational Education & Training: Socio-Economic Sustainable Development“.

Key topics:

  • Vocational systems and youth unemployment
  • A roadmap to vocational education and training
  • General education versus vocational education
  • Challenges in the digital age

Central messages:

  • The Youth-to-Adult Unemployment Ratio of Germany With Its Dual Vocational Training System is Far Below Others in the Western World.
  • Vocational systems are a valued alternative beyond the core of general education.
  • Vocational high school graduates have better employment outcomes than general high school graduates.
  • The dual system is more effective in helping youth transition into employment than alternative academic or vocational training.
  • In the digital age, ICT skills are obviously important, but success comes with the development of non-cognitive skills.

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