Quantity and Quality of Work in the Platform Economy: A New GLO Discussion Paper

A new GLO Discussion Paper reviews this timely issue for the digital labor markets where labor-intensive services are traded by matching requestors (employers and/or consumers) and providers (workers).

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GLO Discussion Paper No. 420, 2019

Quantity and quality of work in the platform economy –  Download PDF
Bogliacino, Francesco & Codagnone, Cristiano & Cirillo, Valeria & Guarascio, Dario

GLO Fellows Francesco Bogliacino & Dario Guarascio

Author Abstract: This critical and scoping review essay analyses digital labour markets where labour-intensive services are traded by matching requesters (employers and/or consumers) and providers (workers). It first discusses to what extent labour platform can be treated as two-sided or multi-sided markets, and the implications of these classifications. It then moves to address the legal and regulatory issues implied by these technologies. From a theoretical point of view, using a framework where innovation is not neutral in the labour market, platforms have implications for the quantity of jobs, for the kind of skills and tasks which are exchanged, and in terms of bargaining power of the contracting parties. It includes a critical evaluation of the empirical evidence from a variety of sources.

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